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The Life Ionizer 8000 2nd Replacement Filter has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Please see our entire line of Alkaline Water Ionizers for an alternative.

Now you can conveniently enjoy great tasting, healthy ionized water while maintaining the integrity of your kitchen design. The Life Ionizer 8000 gives you the ultimate in ionization technology while neatly fitting under your sink. An attractive faucet with all controls needed for adjustments is provided. The 8000 Water Ionizer utilizes 7 high quality titanium platinum-coated plates to create micro-clustered water with anti-oxidant qualities. The patented triple chamber system generates water with a high ionization and alkaline that will help raise the body’s pH level. An advanced 9-stage filtration system helps reduce chlorine taste and odors, sediment, and other various compounds. Discover the incredible benefits of purified ionized water and make the most of one of the most important and abundant natural resources of our planet.
  • For those who want to drink fresh tasting, clean and pure water with incredible benefits
  • Someone who wants to monitor their blood sugar for optimal balance in managing diabetes, hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia
  • Wants maximum nutrient absorption from their diet
  • Wants optimum hydration for exercise, skin tone and recovery from illness
  • Who wants a water ionizer that does not take up counter space and is easily installed under the sink

  • Convenient under the sink unit with an above counter control spout. All controls are on faucet.
  • Seven Platinum coated titanium plates with which the water will have contact inside the unit. The more contact, the better the results
  • 7 operating modes – four levels of alkaline, two acidic and one purify mode
  • 5 amperage settings to adjust for hardness of water
  • 61 total settings for pH – 5 amperage & 2 plate settings for each pH setting
  • 1-touch, multicolor, full function LED and digital display
  • Automatic sensing of incoming water pressure and temperature
  • Flow rate indicator and heat sensor to prevent overheating
  • Filter System: Dual Filter System with nine (9) stages
    • First filter stages:
      • Sediment layer: eliminates sediments (mud, rust, sand, etc) 10 microns or larger
      • Pre-carbon layer: absorbs & eliminates various compounds, remaining chlorine taste and odor, THM, etc
      • Activated carbon layer: ultra-fine coconut shell carbon and silver impregnated carbon
      • Final stage sediment layer: reduces filter remnants and remaining sediments
    • Second filter stages:
      • Granule type Carbon filter: reduces chlorine taste and odors, fast absorbing and generates low dust
      • Pi-Ceramic Negative Ion filter: generates negative ions, making water clusters smaller
      • BioMass ball-Ceramic filter: high quality ceramic filter designed for bacteria control
      • Vitamin C Ceramic Technology: for the reduction of chlorine and chloramines
      • Special Quality Sediment filter: prevents sediment discharge
  • Filter life: 8-12 months (will vary based on water source) Indicator shows filter life
  • Dependent upon water source pH levels of up to 10-11.3
  • Built in pH indicator
  • SMPS – unique power source designed to produce better quality water and to extend life of the unit
  • ORP output: -800 (will vary based on source water)
  • Wattage: Adjustable 33-208 Watts (Adjusts to give you optimal wattage for your water source)
  • Amperage: 5 Amperage settings to optimize water quality (5 amperage settings for each pH setting)
  • Cleaning Cycle: Self Cleaning (machine runs acidic cleaning cycle when turned on)
  • Parts included: flexible hose, fuse, wall mount accessories, tubing hose, diverter, and pH test drops
  • Dimensions: 12"W x 6"D x 15"H. Spout is 10" tall
  • Machine Life: 20 years
  • Manufactured in Korea
  • UL certified

  • Benefits of Ionized water on the body:
    • Reverses the damaged caused by acidification of our bodies
    • Improves hydration
    • Increases oxygen/hydrogen angle and oxygenates the body
    • Helps reduce blood pressure
    • Improves blood sugar levels in diabetics
    • Eases hypertension
    • Helps move the body’s pH level closer to the level that it should be
    • Help the digestion system to digest food better
    • Allows the body to get rid of more toxins in the body, which can leave you healthier
  • Benefits of Ionized water in the household:
    • Provides better hydration and nutrient absorption for plants
    • Has antibacterial properties that make it excellent for cleaning delicate or sensitive skin
    • The acid water can be used for disinfecting surfaces especially where food is prepared

Life 8000 Control Spout

  • Filtering/Purifying: Water travels through internal filters to reduce harmful contaminants
  • Ionizing: When the filtered water passes through the platinum coated titanium plates, it divides positive and negative charged ions. The positive side contains the acidic minerals and the negative side contains the alkaline minerals. This means that the water you drink is higher in the beneficial alkaline minerals. The acidic water produced as many uses including plant watering and hard surface sanitation.
  • Alkalizing: With a higher concentration of alkaline minerals, the pH of the water increases. Since most people’s bodies tend to be acidic, this helps the body increase its internal pH level to a healthy balance.
  • Producing Anti-Oxidants:Think of Life Ionized water as liquid antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals. Damage from free radicals leads to diseases, such as cancer, as well as premature aging. By drinking Life Ionized water, you are greatly counteracting free radicals, and supplying your body with the extra oxygen needed to boost your energy levels and give you mental clarity. Because Life Ionized water is a liquid antioxidant, it is easier for the body to absorb it, which makes it a much more effective and powerful antioxidant.
  • Micro-clustering: After the water goes through a Life Ionizer, it is broken down into smaller clusters of 5 to 6 molecules. This means better hydration and better delivery of nutrients and supplements. Micro-clustered water has the ability to purge toxins out of the cells. Overall, with micro-clustered water you can optimize your health.

Drinking water should have a negative ORP measurement
  • The value of ORP quantifies the amount of energy in water by numbering electrons.
  • ORP values are expressed as millivolts, or mV.
  • Drinking water should have a negative mV number of at least -50mV.
  • Water with an ORP of -50mV will have enough negative ions to attract and neutralize excess acids.
Drinking water should have a pH level at or above 9.5.
pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. First introduced by Danish chemist S. P. L. Sørensen in 1909, pH stands for 'power of hydrogen.'
  • Pure water at 25°C has an equal concentration of dissolved hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-) and is considered 'neutral.'
  • pH measures the concentration of hydrogen and hydroxide ions on a scale from 0 to 14, with 7.0 considered neutral.
  • Solutions with a pH level below 7.0 are acids.
  • Solutions with a pH level above 7 are bases (alkaline)
The healthy human body contains both acids and bases. The organs maintain the pH of arterial blood between 7.35 and 7.45. To counteract the amount of acids consumed by eating, drinking, and breathing, the body will take alkaline substances from body parts, such as bone. By drinking alkaline water, you are able to counteract the intake of acids and help the body regulate its pH in a more healthy way.
Do not use water with a temperature of over 104°F. If inexperienced with drinking Ionized Alkaline Water, users are encouraged to start with level 1. Do not run water through the unit if it contains high amounts of rust or iron and is dirty and salty. Only the Ionized Alkaline Water should be consumed, do not drink the acidic water.

The 1st filter should be replaced every 8 – 10 months. The 2nd filter should be replaced around every 12 months. However, this depends on the source of water and the amount of use
The Life Ionizer system can increase the pH levels in your tap water. There are two main causes of disease, other than genetics. One is the body’s reaction to toxins such as mercury, arsenic, pesticides and other contaminants. The other is the body’s reaction to being acidic. Acidity is the results of stress, drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water, taking drugs or eating predominantly acidic foods. Life Ionizers perform five healthy functions to water: filters (including customized pre-filters), micro-clusters, produces valuable anti-oxidants, ionizes and alkalizes. Drinking Life Ionizer water is a good way to start the body on the road to recover from the damage caused by acidification. Life Ionizer water retains healthful minerals and is filtered and ionized to produce healthful, pure water.
ORP stands for oxidation reduction potential. The ORP rises as oxidation occurs. The rate we oxidize is directly related to the rate we age. The negative ORP of alkaline ionized water offsets the positive ORP of our oxidizing aging body. Therefore, consuming it daily will slow and reverse the biological aging process. With the flip of a switch you can create water with high ionization that is designed for healthy drinking, or create water with acidic properties that will significantly improve many household functions.
By Mercia Tapping, President, Boston Green Goods


Alkaline water ionizers will not only filter your water but do double duty by providing you with alkaline drinking water which is an invaluable part of your wellness program. Alkaline water helps detoxify the system and is reported to protect against a variety of degenerative or inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, acid reflux, gout, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, diabetes and reduce high blood pressure, helps with weight loss as well as provides the optimum environment for discouraging cancer cell growth. It is thought that cancer cells thrive in an acid environment, so it is reasonable to expect that if the body’s pH turns more alkaline that it is beneficial to one’s health. These benefits have been fairly well documented by research that has taken place primarily in Japan and Europe. I do hasten to add that controlled research involving humans is fiendishly difficult, because when a family such as ours, finds themselves in a life and death situation, you do everything you can think of and you do it concurrently, as time is not on your side.

Water ionization is the method of producing a concentration of alkaline and acidic minerals by separating them through electrolysis. Water ionizers help neutralize and balance your body’s pH balance. We offer a variety of water ionizers to suit your needs including countertop, under sink, and portable units which are all easy to set up.

I did quite a lot of reading and research before getting convinced about the alkaline water story and its curative effects. I did talk to a number of doctors and people who had expertise in nutrition that were in agreement that the American diet is too acidic and not optimum for one’s health. The first thing that struck me was you are going to have to drink a large amount of water if you chose to continue to eat some of the food and beverages that were most acidic. Both my husband and I were already eating what normally would be considered a ideal healthy diet with plenty of grains, vegetables, salads, fruit, fish and we rarely eat meat. We tested our pH balance with test strips before we started the water and found to our horror that we were both quite acidic. My husband who has regular urine tests (the best way to test pH) confirmed that while his pH level was in normal range it was far from being ideal. We quickly eliminated coffee and diet soda, which was a real sacrifice on my part, but we still tested well below 7.0 pH neutral. So we dug a bit deeper into the recommended alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables and some nuts but it was clear that without the aid of alkaline water we were not going to achieve our goals.

I decided on an under sink installation by Life Ionizers (starting at $2,499.95) because I had a designer kitchen faucet with a spray attachment and my kitchen counter top has limited space. My installation was fraught with difficulties starting with several attempts by UPS to deliver as signature is required. I then found an under counter installation requires an electrical socket for an 'always on socket which upped the expense. Luckily I already had an extra hole drilled in my granite counter top for the dispensing alkaline water drinking water tap, but getting granite drilled is not trivial if you have that kind of counter top. I also needed an alternative connector part from the company as mine would not fit the standard water supply. So this installation needed a certain amount of perseverance and determination, and if I was not so convinced about the health benefits I might have given up in disgust of simply opted for a countertop model which I think for most people it would be a lot easier. My model is voice activated which by the time you place it under the sink is a muffled annoyance, although in theory a good idea.

That being said after we safely installed the unit, I found there was a quite a lot to learn about using alkaline water. My unit has four levels of alkaline water which is not always the case with other less expensive alkaline water filters. This allows you to start slowly and get your body used to alkaline water and then work your way up to higher levels of alkaline water which we reckoned we might need to achieve the desired result. It took some getting used to seeing water come out of two spouts simultaneously- one acid and one alkaline- and getting used to wasting the acid water. But in truth drinking water is a tiny part of each day’s household water consumption.

Ideally the drinking water out of your tap should test pH neutral with your test strips. Ours was slightly acidic so that even green tea which is mildly alkaline in our house tested acid – and we even already have a whole house water filter. So even drinking more tap water was not going to get us to a pH neutral level.

The acid water is good for primarily for any topical skin uses whether it be a rash, sunburn, abrasions or other more serious skin conditions. It is also a disinfectant and can be used in sanitizing and polishing surfaces and works well when cleaning as it has a mild bleaching effect. It should NEVER be ingested.

The alkaline water which acts as an antioxidant is just simply one of the best things you can do for your health. Indeed, the number of conditions in which alkaline water has been said to be helpful includes high blood pressure, gastro intestinal problems, diabetes, gout, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, and obesity. While I would never dare to say that the alkaline water is curative, I have certainly read enough case studies to make me wonder. What the alkaline water CAN do is help restore your body’s pH level to 7.0-7.2 which is considered to be pH neutral and can help balance the cumulative effects of the American diet which end up having our bodies in a mild state of chronic acidosis which is linked to a number of degenerative diseases.

One caution in drinking alkaline water is not drinking the water one hour before and after taking medication. Since my husband and myself take daily medication, that does take some organization so I put the water in bottles each morning for later use during the day.

Since the effects of the water for most people do not happen over night and can take months, I am cautious about reporting any changes. I ramped up to level 4 water quite quickly over the last month and I have noticed that I find it easier to drink the water, that it just tastes smoother. I do not drink the recommended one to two gallons a day, simply to avoid spending all day and night in the bathroom. Nevertheless my morning pH level has inched up a couple of notches which is a quick and easy way of charting my progress. What I have found and the scientist in me is so reluctant to report this, is that my osteoarthritis, which is pretty debilitating has lessened very significantly, and I can get out of bed in the mornings and not creep around moaning and groaning. By the time I have a morning sauna session, I am starting to feel almost normal and enough to go out golfing and enjoy myself for the first time in a couple of years. I will let you know whether the improvement sticks, if it does I will be unbelievably thankful as it will have made a huge difference to the quality of my life.

My husband at time of writing is still on level 1 water and needs to drink far more in order to change his blood pH but when we have measurable changes in pH levels I will report it as a postscript to this review.

However, I do recommend anyone who is concerned about their overall wellness to include an Alkaline water filter into their program. It can do nothing but help.

Life Ionizer 8000 2nd Replacement Filter

Life Ionizer 8000 2nd Replacement Filter

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  Life Ionizer 8000 2nd Replacement Filter

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