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Mold Solution & Information Center

Got mold or want to stop the mold before it happens? Our exclusive Mold Center is a one stop information hub of mold prevention, cleaning and mold allergy related documents. You.ll also find mold related products to help you win the battle with mold.

Water Damage and Flood Damage Restoration Tips

Water damage and flood damage restoration help with clean up after floods or basement flooding. Moisture removal, restoration after moisture problems involving mold removal. Read articles and buy recommended products for flood damage: dehumidifiers, air purifiers, steam cleaners, air blowers.

Mold Allergy – FAQ

What are mold allergies? Where do mold allergens grow indoors? Learn of the effective methods of removing mold allergens.

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Enroll in the free Allergy Buyers Club newsletter for the latest information, offers and your own personal hot line to call if you need an allergy related solutions such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners.

Why is Dehumidification important?

Why is mold important? Dehumidifiers are a great help to those when fighting allergies. Lowering the your home humidity reduces & often eliminates the possibility of allergen and mold growth. Read all about it in this extensive dehumidification article.