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Air Purifiers and Filters – The Seven Sins of Manufacturers

Manufacturers of goods often skew crucial information. This is where we set the record straight, at least for air purifiers and filters by providing you the seven sins of manufacturers.

Quiet Air Purifiers: Our Best for Small Bedrooms

Best quiet air purifiers for small bedrooms: we look at some of your best options for small bedroom air purifiers.

Glossary of Allergy Terms

What are allergies? Where are the best places for people with allergies to live? Find out the answers to all of your allergy questions.

Chemical and Odor Removal from Fabrics

Here are some tips on removing chemicals and odors from clothing and other similar fabrics

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Indoor Air Quality – The Future

The future of indoor air quality (IAQ). Part 2 covers microbial contamination of vents, cleaning to stop growth and the effects on your indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality – Introduction for HVAC Contractors

This document serves as an introduction to the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) field so that contractors can expand their businesses to incorporate IAQ services and add the benefits of air purification and air purifiers to their offerings.

Air Cleaners – Beware of Manufacturer Claims

Air Cleaners – Beware of Manufacturer Claims