Quiet Air Purifiers: Our Best for Small Bedrooms

The following air purifiers are our top picks for quiet air purifiers and small bedroom air purifiers. You will find that all of the models we have selected are small enough to fit anywhere neatly in even the smallest of bedrooms. Furthermore, since they do not generate any noise, you can sleep peacefully and undisturbed.
QuietPure Whisper Air Purifer
1. QuietPure Whisper Air Purifier

This air purifier will not only purify the air in a room up to 350 square feet but this air purifier will double as a personal air purifier in cases where it is not practical to purify the entire space. We are impressed with how quiet an air purifier it is and how compact and easy it is to operate. However, when we tested the QuietPure Whisper Air Purifiers, we also realized how effective it can be at cleaning the air in an entire room. We are happy to report that it removes of all allergens as small as 0.3 microns and accomplished this barely making a sound. We have concluded that the QuietPure Whisper Air Purifiers is the perfect choice for a small bedroom air purifier as well as providing a personal zone of clean air.

ecosphere air cleaner
2. Ecosphere Air Cleaner

The Ecosphere Air Cleaner provides a tremendous amount of cleaning for its small size as it can clean 3000 square feet. This air purifier actively kills both visible and hidden molds as well as odor-causing bacteria. It also reduces indoor air pollutants like VOCs, visible smoke, and more without the use of a filter.

The technology behind the Ecosphere is a highly effective system that utilizes germicidal UV light to remove contaminants from your indoor air and surfaces. It’s the same technology that NASA uses to clean their spacecrafts. Backed with a 3-year warranty, our Healthy Home Experts highly recommend this product for bedrooms.

3. Airfree Onix 3000 Air Sterilizer

The Airfree Onix 3000 Air Sterilizer is silent in operation and kills 99.99% of airborne microorganisms using its patented Airfree technology. Its ceramic core heats the air up to 400 degrees sterilizing it and eliminating harmful ozone, fungus, bacteria, allergens, viruses, mold, dust, and more. The air is then cooled and released back into the room. It’s ideal in bedrooms up to 650 sq.ft.

portable air purifier

4. The Pure Company Portable Air Purifier 

Small but powerful, The Pure Company Portable Air Purifier uses ionization to remove odors, dust, and allergens from the air. It’s ideal for on-the-go travelers or for use in small bedrooms. Plus, it comes with a replaceable aromatherapy pad to diffuse essential oils into the air, offering a pleasant scent when you need it most.

PowerPure by Aerus AP03 Combination HEPA Air Purifier Humidifier

5. PowerPure AP03 Air Purifier Humidifier Combo

This air purifier will take up little space while purifying a bedroom up to 400 square feet. Since it is only 13 inches high and 12 inches wide and only 14 inches long there are endless choices for the location in your bedroom. The AP03 is one of our top small bedroom air purifiers as it demonstrated its effectiveness by removing all of the contaminants down to 0.3 microns. Moreover, it did all this while maintaining a tranquil environment perfect for the bedroom. Another highlight of the AP03 is that is also a humidifier, so not only does it filter but it will also humidifies when you need it. It is one of the first air purifier humidifiers.