Miele vs Eureka Vacuum Cleaners

Many of you have phoned and asked us about how the two stack up against each other, I will now compare the Eureka 6999 Oxygen and the new Miele Silver Moon, the best of each manufacturers’ line.

Cost: the Miele Silver Moon costs $300 more. Eureka Oxygen 6999 is a great deal.

Quality: of Manufacture. Miele parts seem to fit together, clunk, click all in the way they are supposed to. Our vote goes to Miele. Miele machines are just made superbly.

Ease of Use: Hands down Miele Silver Moon is the winner. Miele attachments slide off and on effortlessly. With the Eureka Oxygen we had to use a bit of Vaseline to ease up the stiffness of the attachments coming off and on. Nothing is comparable to the adjustable direct connect wand of the Miele Silver Moon for ease of use in changing attachments. No more taking the wand, or part of it off and on, no more fiddling with little plugs to reconnect the power brush. If you have any arthritis in your hands the Silver Moon is the one for you.

Filtration Effectiveness: Nothing we know that tips the scale in one direction or the other except Miele now offer a ‘certified HEPA filter’.

Power: We think people will prefer the smaller quieter and lighter power brush out of the two offered on the Silver Moon. The larger Miele power brush is just too large and heavy for our taste. The Eureka Power brush is ‘in between’ in size and power. Overall I think Eureka got it just right.

Cost of Operation: The Eureka offer a washable HEPA filter which can last up to five years. A big cost savings over the years.

Size of dust bags: I think that the Miele bags are small but the Eureka Oxygen bags are tiny. Buy bags at the same time as you purchase the vacuum cleaner.

Dirt Alert: the Eureka Oxygen has one and I really love this feature. It tells you when you are vacuuming when the area is still dirty and the vacuum is still pulling dirt , when the dirt is not visible to the naked eye.

Floor brush Onboard: The Eureka Oxygen 6999 has a place on the canister where you can attach the floor brush and take it around with you as you vacuum.

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