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Welcome to our new Healthy Home Center where we feature experts, products and information all designed to help you run a toxin free home. Our Learning Center, and Allergy Consumer Review archives are where you can find our entire collection of informative articles. Here we pick out for you just some of the latest and most popular articles. Be sure to see our Mold and Dust Mite Solutions Buyers Guides for products to use in your home.

Product Comparisons

We make it easy for you to compare our huge selection of allergy relief products to decide which ones best suit your needs. We rate them and tell you what are their critical differences. Click below for handy comparison charts. (Charts will open in separate browser window)

Allergy Problem Solution Guides

We make it easy for you to control your allergies. Find allergy relief products here for each type of allergy.


Learning Center

In our Learning Center you will find an extensive library on Healthy Home Issues such as Water Quality, Indoor Air Quality, Molds, Dust Mites, Gases, Chemicals and other Toxins and Product Education. You will also find hundreds of articles on Allergy, Asthma, and Sinusitis control and how to make your house and office a safe haven.

There has been a lot of interest in the media about Mold and Mold remediation. Here are a couple highlights from the learning center:


Allergy Relief Products – Our Best Picks

People often ask us what we recommend as our ‘best-rated allergy control or allergy relief products’ for allergy sufferers in order to get a house allergen free. Here are our President’s best picks:

  • Blueair Furnace Filters. Filter out those seasonal allergens before they enter the house with this washable filter which will last 10 years or more. A great way to help prevent allergies before they begin.
  • IQAir Air Purifier is a simply superb air purifier for allergens, mold and gas removal. You could also try a Blueair for quiet bedroom use. Get allergy relief now!
  • AirFree Air Sterilizer for destruction of airborne viruses and mold.
  • Miele Complete C3 Brilliant for the ultimate in allergy vacuum cleaner self indulgence.
  • Ladybug Vapor Steam Cleaner for clean freaks and those who want to kill cat, mold, and dust-mite allergens. This is chemical free cleaning and your home will never smell so fresh.
  • Cotton Fresh Pillow Dustmite Encasing. Odor free organic pure cotton that is finer and softer than any other encasing. Wonderful underneath your head at night.
  • Hypodown Allergy Free Pillows and Duvet/Comforters. Big, puffy and luxurious. Made to last. Hypodown is white goose down that is specially cleaned so that is doesn’t provoke allergies.
  • Cottonfresh Duvet Cover. The lightest, softest dust mite encasing for your duvet/comforter to help prevent dust mite allergies. Get allergy relief tonight!

Our Other Allergy Relief Problem Centers

  • Sinus Relief Center: is a guide to the best articles written by experts on the relief of the pain from sinus headaches and sinusitis.
  • Asthma Control Center: The latest asthma news, research, medical information and asthma relief product reviews.
  • Mold Removal Center: helps you prevent mold growth and kill mold spores in your home for mold allergy relief.