Super Performance Learning

Dr Mirchandani is head of psychiatry in an important teaching hospital in Bombay. He is in Private Practice in Behavioural Medicine, and author of ‘Healing Heart Disease Naturally’ and ‘Super Performance Learning’.

By reading this book you will obtain a more complete understanding of the mechanisms of asthma and how you can control many of the triggers that bring on attacks. He explains how asthma medicines do their work.

This is not a book of Natural Healing with Bora Bora Root or use of the rare Vitamin that you can buy with your visa card. Every technique that Doctor Mirchandani discusses is from orthodox medicine. He quotes techniques used by leaders in medicine and psychology to improve health.

What he has done here is put it into a form so that the average patient can utilize these known scientific principles. More important, as a practitioner with patients, he has perfected what he writes about here with his years of helping patients get well, and teaching his methods to other physicians.

Reading this book will reveal to you how the mind affects the immune system. You will learn the techniques that you can use to affect your immune system favorably and how to avoid negative influence on your system. Since it is the immune system that affects allergy and health, such knowledge is essential to your remaining well.