Sinus Prevention Program – Top Ten Tips for Sinus Relief

Sinus Remedies and Cures for Relief of Sinus Headaches, Infections and Sinus Pressure.

Sinus infection time is here again. Here are ten tips you can do to head off an infection at the pass. If you take action our Chief Medical Officer Murray Grossan MD promises you have an excellent chance of feeling better.

  1. Start daily nasal irrigation with the Grossan nasal irrigation system. Chances are high that you can head off that sinus infection.
  2. Use a natural saline spray several times daily to keep the sinuses moist.
  3. Don’t drink iced drinks[that includes your iced tea and sodas], they aggravate sinus problems.
  4. Get plenty of rest.
  5. Exercise outdoors to increase your circulation and clear sinus passages.
  6. Let Papaya Enzymes dissolve in your mouth between your cheek and gum 4x daily to reduce swelling of the sinuses.
  7. Make sure you are getting enough moisture in your bedroom at night. Problems occur when the sinuses dry out. Use a bacteria free humidifier if necessary.
  8. Take plenty of hot showers and inhale steam into the sinus passages. Use hot compresses to relieve swelling of the sinuses and help circulation.
  9. If you are an allergy sufferer and it is allergy season give your sinuses a break. Close those windows at night. The peak time for allergens is between 5 and 10 am.
  10. Sleep in an allergen free bedroom if you suffer from allergies, and reduce the stress on your sinuses. Use HEPA air filters, HEPA vacuums and allergy free dust mite covers to help keep allergens under control.