Miscellaneous Questions FAQ


Question: Instead of spending a small fortune on all these products isn’t it easier just to take medication and be done with it?

Answer: We have no objections to medications. They have their place, especially when allergy symptoms are severe and debilitating. We are not medical experts but all the allergists we have spoken to believe in using some combination of these kinds of consumer products to bring down the number of allergens in your home and work environment. Frequently, the human body is just in toxic overload, so these kinds of products, such as, filters or natural cleaners are designed to provide you with a cleaner/allergen friendly environment in which to live. However, here is the note of caution. We have found in our research that some products are vastly superior to others, so you need to figure out how to spend your money wisely. The Allergy Buyers Club can help you do that.

Question:What concerns me is that none of these consumer products which are supposed to help allergies come with any guarantees that you will feel better. How do you know whether you are just being taken for a ride?

Answer: Good Question! In our opinion there is no one product that is the cure-all, relief guaranteed. The following analogy might be useful: You need to bring your ‘allergy thermostat’ down. For each person that sensitivity threshold seems to be an individual and varying phenomenon. As you take the practical steps to detoxing your environment, and you use a number of these products, you will find your symptoms will gradually abate. Our resident medical experts tell us that the number of ‘clean up’ steps that each individual must take and the number of products used in conjunction with each other varies enormously. In our experience, it takes a lot of patience and chipping away until you reach your goals of being symptom free. Our company President , over a two year period, did a number of different things. The most radical and most effective was to move house.

Question: In what order of priority do you recommend purchasing allergy related products?

Answer: First of all buy no products until you have done the mostly free environmental clean up steps recommended in the allergy literature. Go to our library for some good basic tips on what to do. Only then should you buy products. Assuming you have all around general indoor allergies, we would recommend your first purchases should be dust mite proofing your bedding, using a high grade HEPA filter and changing to all natural household cleaning products. After that your next purchase should be a good high quality HEPA vacuum cleaner. Investment in these purchases alone would go a long way with your efforts to clean up your environment of allergens. Then take stock and see how you feel before doing anything else.