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‘Healthy Clean Buildings’ is dedicated to the elimination of existing, conventional ‘toxic’ and ‘hazardous’ cleaning chemicals in office, school and public buildings; and to advise homeowners accordingly about our widely recognized and accredited ‘HEALTHY & SAFE’ Cleaning Program as an effective ‘environmentally-preferable’ alternative to existing, conventional programs. Additionally, this program addresses controversial indoor environmental issues such as ‘Sick Building Syndrome’; ‘I.A.Q. (Indoor Air Quality); ‘Multiple Chemical Sensitivities’ (MCS); allergic triggers; and other similar ‘ building occupant’ concerns.

‘A-BEN-AQUI’ is a non-toxic, non-flammable, and multi-purpose abrasive cream cleaner which replaces chlorinated scouring powders, such as ‘COMET’, ‘AJAX’, and ‘BABO’. These powder types release chlorine gas into the air when wetted which diminishes air quality, especially in confined areas. The use of ‘A-BEN-AQUI’ creates negligible, if any, V.O.C.s into the environment and has NO impact on air quality since it is odorless. As a multi-purpose paste product, it cleans and polishes in one operation in the same capacity as scouring powders. It excels in removing graffiti on hard surfaces; stubborn greases, dirts, and grimes; discoloration and oxidation on metals, porcelains, enamels, ceramic tiles, and marble surfaces. ‘A-BEN-AQUI’ removes rubber burns and scuff marks from floors; indelible inks and magic markers from desk tops, toilet partitions, and school lockers; and removes scale from anodized aluminum, especially on outdoor window frames. (*Listed by ‘Green Seals’ as a recommended cleaner.)

**’H2Orange2′ energizes the natural powers of CITRUS OIL (derived from natural orange peel) ; HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (a safer sanitizing and oxidizing agent than chlorine bleach) NOTE: the chemical formulation of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. As the product oxidizes, the excess oxygen is released and the only residue left is H2O (water); and 100% biodegradable surfactants into a multi-functional cleaning system! SIXTY-FIVE PERCENT (65%) of this product biodegrades into the environment within 28 days. This ONE concentrate at 4 different dilution ratios REPLACES over 25 common cleaning products including: ammonia, bleach, all-purpose cleaners, butyl cleaners, carpet bonnet cleaners, carpet extraction cleaners, carpet shampoos, carpet spotters and stain removers, deodorizing liquids, glass cleaners, heavy-duty degreasers, mold & mildew oxidizer, neutral floor cleaners, odor eliminators, plexiglass cleaners, sanitizers, soap scum removers, spray & wipe cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, tile & grout cleaner, virucide, & complete washroom cleaner.. and more. (THINK OF THE COST ECONOMY AND SAFETY FEATURES-A ONE PRODUCT ‘USER-FRIENDLY/ ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE CLEANING SYSTEM’ WHICH OUTPERFORMS 25 CONVENTIONAL CLEANING PRODUCTS EFFECTIVELY) Even more important to your requirements is that when diluted with water, all of the 4 finished dilutions remains at a NEUTRAL PH 7 thereby NOT creating any possibility of surface damage. It cannot harm the applicator, damage surfaces, and LEAVES NO CHEMICAL RESIDUES at the proper dilution on surfaces. There are no irritating chemical fumes or odors… and its usage has no or negligible effect on air quality.

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