Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC

AllergyBuyersClub.com was asked to recommend and provide several
Healthy Home Products for
Extreme Makeover Home Edition!

AllergyBuyersClub.com was contacted by ABC TV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to recommend several of its leading allergy relief products for the Peter family’s daughter, Ashley, since she suffers from asthma and had trouble breathing in their original fire damaged home.

See the products below recommended and donated to the Peter Family for the ‘Rising Above the Ashes’ Episode – that aired Sunday May 7th, 2006.

IQAir Compact Plus
Air Purifier

air purifier for maximum room air filtration – it is ideal and our favorite recommendation for a child like Ashley that suffers from asthma.

Miele Carina Galaxy
Hepa Vacuum

Ultra compact and versatile, this completely Hepa sealed vacuum is ideal for bare floors and low carpeting. Ideal for the Peter’s family downstairs. With a large house we though two vacuum cleaners would make life easier.

Comfortaire Dehumidifier
The category winner for best value dehumidifier for removing moisture – the 30 pint size is ideal for Ashley’s bedroom since it is one of our quietest models.

Ladybug XL Steam
Cleaner with TANCS

Our best vapor steam cleaner with enhanced disinfection through the TANCS process. The Ladybug is now being used for chemical free cleaning in the Peter’s bathrooms, kitchen tiling and other places where bacteria and germs collect. The absence of toxic chemicals in the house should reduce Ashley’s asthma attacks.

Pacific Rim Arts & Craft Bedroom Furniture
This beautiful maple hardwood bedroom set with a natural non-toxic finish was used for Ashley’s room to prevent unpleasant fumes and off-gassing. The designers chose to paint the set with non toxic paint which would not have been our preference, since the maple wood is very durable and gorgeous left in its natural state.

Royal Pedic Quilt-top
Latex Organic Mattress

The most healthy and comfortable mattress we have tested and ideal for an allergy and asthma sufferer. Also, it is dust mite, mold and mildew resistant. This bed was the best bed used in the Peter household and Ashley will have a healthy and durable bed which will last her until she reaches adulthood.

Airfree Air Sterilizer
Silently incinerates mold spores, viruses, bacteria, fungi and more that can trigger allergies. Requires no filters or maintenance. This Air sterilizer is perfect for bedroom or living room use when any background noise is a distraction. It is also wonderful in a child’s bedroom to provide protection against viruses.

Aquasana Whole House
Water Purifier

Removes unwanted contaminants from all of the Peter’s family water uses for drinking, showers, washing and food. Much more economical for this family than using bottled water and provides a far better taste than municipal water.

Coyuchi Organic Sheets & Pillow Cases
Made from 100% organically grown cotton that is soft to the touch. These premium sheets made Ashley’s bed not only beautiful but healthy as well. Her favorite color was purple.

Dreamsacks Silk Comforter

Naturally hypoallergenic, lightweight and luxurious at the same time makes this an ideal comforter for Ashley’s bed during any season.

Kumi Kookoon Silk Towels
Silk is an excellent choice of material for towels because it is lightweight, absorbent and extremely soft to the touch.

Latex Foam Pillows

These pillows are made from hypoallergenic foam and conform to your head and neck for ideal support. Two sets were provided for Ashley’s bedroom.


This is a great device for measuring the humidity level in Ashley’s room to prevent mold and dust mites. We recommend not going above 50% humidity in the room for asthma sufferers.