Installing Your Dust Mite Encasings

Sometimes wrestling with a mattress dust mite encasing can be difficult. Here are a few tips to make the job easier and to help you avoid damaging your new dust mite encasings.

Pillow Dust Mite Encasing

  1. Unzip the cover.
  2. Fold the pillow in half, lengthwise. (Think of a hot dog bun.) Carefully insert the pillow into the pillow dust mite encasing. Be careful not to catch the dust mite encasing on sharp objects or fingernails.
  3. Gently unfold the pillow and make sure it fits correctly.
  4. Zip the dust mite encasing.
  5. Place a pillowcase over the dust mite encasing.

Mattress or Box Spring Dust Mite Encasing

  1. Stand the mattress or box spring upright next to the bed.
    (Next best option: place the mattress or box spring sideways).
  2. Unzip the mattress or box spring dust mite encasing.
  3. Slip the rolled encasing back over both corners of one end of the mattress or box spring.
  4. Gently unroll the dust mite encasing back over the mattress or box spring, easing it into place.
  5. When the entire mattress or box spring is snugly enclosed in the dust mite encasing, carefully zip it shut.
  6. Place the covered mattress or box spring back on the bed frame.
    Use a fitted sheet over the covered mattress.

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