Air Purifier Buying Guide

This guide will help you choose the best air purifier to suit your particular needs. If you need additional help please contact us ( to speak with a product expert to help you with your final decision.

AirFree Sterilizer Air PurifierBest Quiet Air Purifier – if quiet is a high priority then there is nothing like an AirFree Sterilizer which besides being noiseless, does not use any filters. The AirFree Onix, covers up to 650 sq. ft. AirFree will eliminate all pathogens including viruses, bacteria, pet dander, dust mite material and even mold. All this is carried out by incinerating particles with heat.
BlueAir Air PurifiersBest Bedroom Air PurifierBlueAir air purifiers are excellent for bedrooms because of their ultra quiet operation. Blueair air purifiers cycle air up to 6 times per hour and changing filters is as easy as opening its door and sliding in a new filter. They are also energy efficient! The filters are sturdy enough to be vacuumed to prolong the filter’s life span. See the many Blueair air purifier models there are to choose from including the SmokeStop versions for chemical, gas and odor filtration.
IQAir Air PurifiersBest Allergy Air PurifierIQAir Healthpro air purifiers are our best selling air purifier. They are superior on a number of fronts. It is our best air purifier for removing all allergens as small as .003 micron at an astonishing 99.5% efficiency. It has filter light change indicators for 3 filters, ability to program the machine to turn itself on before you get home, ability to change filters easily without a screw driver. The electricity consumption costs and filter replacement costs are very moderate. We recommend this machine for use anywhere in the house and office. There are a number of different IQair air purifier models available depending on the solution you are looking to remedy whether it be gas, chemical, odor or allergens.
Airpura Air PurifiersBest Smoke Air PurifierAirpura air purifiers are one of our top brands. The Airpura T600 rates as the best for tobacco and general smoke issues while the Airpura V600 is top rated for pet dander and odors as well as formaldehyde issues from new homes, home renovations, carpeting and furniture.
Austin Air PurifiersBest Cost Effective Air Purifier – the Austin Air Healthmate air purifier is a cost-effective, no frills choice. If you do not have severe allergy problems and warning lights for new filters is not of major importance to you, then the Austin Air will suit you fine. It has an excellent quality HEPA filter, a good amount of carbon for odor removal, while not loaded with features you might never use. See the rest of the Austin air purifier models to address specific issues like smoke, pets, new carpet, construction, paint odors and new furniture.
Quietpure Air PurifiersBest All Around Air Purifier – QuietPure are a great HEPA great air purifier.Quietpure Air Purifiers are for solid and dependable a HEPA air purifier filter where no expense is spared to provide the customer with a truly good air filter.
Oransi V HEPA Max Air PurifierBest Small Spaces Air Purifier the Orsani air purifier or the BlueAir 103 air purifier provide a new, quality standard of localized small space air purification at a remarkably affordable price. The Tiger air purifier wins additional style points and can also be put on a desk top.
Whirlpool Air PurifierBest Bargain Air Purifier – the Whirlpool Whispure APR45130L Air Purifier got top marks to during our testing process. We offer it at an attractive discount and it nearly covers 500 sq feet and has a filter change reminder- one of our favorite features.
Alen Air Purifiers Best Automated Air Purifier – The Alen air purifier represents a new generation of air purifiers as it uses a combination of Titanium Dioxide and Ultra Violet to kill toxic air borne compounds and self monitors to increase the fan speed at the first sign of trouble. See our other Alen air purifier models for varied room size and air quality issues.
Vornado Air PurifiersBest Mid-sized Air Purifier – The Vornado air purifier creates a clean bubble of air so you can breath freely when at work, home, sleeping or for travel.