Sleepland Head and Neck Support Pillows

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Natural latex foam pillows for correct orthopedic support and alignment of neck, shoulders, and spine. Latex pillows encased in cotton blend cover.

Sleepland Head and Neck Support Pillows

Natural latex, cotton blend cover. 23.5"W x 15.5"L x 4.5"D. Provides proper head & neck support.

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Royal-Pedic, the premiere name in natural fiber mattresses, introduces the revolutionary Sleepland Head & Neck Support Pillow from Belgium. Unlike standard pillows, this natural latex pillow provides anatomically correct positioning and support for your head and neck. With the choice of a high or low neck support it does what no ordinary pillow can do: consistently maintain alignment of the spine while properly supporting the head (in all positions) and reducing pressure on the shoulder area. The natural latex used by Royal-Pedic is certified hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and antibacterial. By achieving effective support benefits, comfort and quality, the Royal Pedic Sleepland pillow has become one of the top selling support pillows in Europe.

    Enjoy a deep sleep thanks to a multiple density zone design of these latex foam pillows. Choose from a higher or lower neck support zone by turning pillow to suit your personal needs.

    Density zones and Pressure Relaxation Channels:

    1. Smaller Neck Support Pillow Zone:
      Softer level of firmness preferred by most people
    2. Head Support Pillow Zone:
      Cradles the head
    3. Larger Neck Support Pillow Zone:
      Firmer neck support preferred by larger people for correct cervical alignment
    4. Pillow Pressure Relaxation Channels:
      Allows ventilation

Pillows are made of a sterile hygienic material that does not require washing. It can be spot cleaned with warm water and a mild soap, rinse and dry thoroughly at room temperature away from heat or direct sunlight. Do Not machine wash or dry. Cover is machine washable, tumble dry on low heat.

Sleepland Head and Neck Support Pillows


Sleepland Head and Neck Support Pillows

Technical Specifications of Sleepland Head and Neck Support Pillows

  Sleepland Head and Neck Support Pillows
Foam core material
Foam core material Natural latex
Pillow cover material
Pillow cover material Cotton blend
Dimensions 23.5"W x 15.5"L.
4.5" high at one end, 5" at the other end, 4" in the middle

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Warranty: 3-year limited warranty against material defects and workmanship.

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