IQAir Dental Air Purifiers For Dentist Offices and Laboratories

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The IQAir® Dental Pro Air Purifier has been discontinued.

Superbly and specially engineered for the dental profession, the IQAir dental series air purifiers contain filter cartridges ideal for control of VOCs and microbiological contaminants and odors specific to dental offices and facilities. The triple filter system controls drill aerosol, microorganisms and mercury vapor - typical pollutants found at the dentist office. The post filter is electrostatically charged to trap particulate pollutants, bacteria and viruses. The neutral white and light grey design integrates well with the decor in any dental office. With filter change indicators and easy to change filters, these air purifiers are simple to maintain. IQAir is the choice for those who want the best air purifiers available.

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  • Really wants the best to control common gaseous and microbiological contaminants found in dental offices
  • Is serious about removing pollutants from offices and needs superior triple air filtration with specially designed pre-filters, gas filters, and post-filters for the dental industry
  • Wants to control drill aerosols and mercury vapor pollution at there source with a suction arm
  • Is susceptible to gaseous irritants as well as bacteria and allergens in the air they breathe

  • Specialized applications for dental offices and laboratories: The special filter cartridges optimize the dental series air purifiers for pollutants such as mercury vapors and drill aerosols which occur during dental procedures and require immediate filtration so they won't disperse in the room.
  • Advanced controls: With an intelligent filter life monitor, the air purifier takes actual use, speed settings and air quality conditions into account for maximum filter yield and performance.
  • Longer Air Filter Life: Replace post-filter sleeves every 1-3 yrs; Replace gas phase cartridges every 1-3 yrs; Replace pre-filter every 6-18 months.
  • Ultra-quiet design: Unlike most air cleaners, which have the fan motor located after all filter stages, IQAir® systems have the fan in the center, in-between its noise absorbing filters. They also feature a unique double-walled housing design to reduce sound transmission.
  • No draft design: Most air cleaners return the air through a small outlet, which creates annoying air drafts. IQAir® systems are designed to avoid drafts by evenly returning cleaned air through a large 320° vented diffuser.
  • Easy filter replacement: Air purifiers have a revolutionary modular tower design, which snaps open to allow access to all filters in a matter of seconds.
  • High-efficiency pre-filtration: While most air purifiers use pre-filters with particle efficiencies well below 20%, IQAir systems typically retain over 90% of particle mass in the pre-filter so the gas phase filter is better protected for a longer life.
  • Independent Filter Stages: Each air filter (pre-filter, HEPA air filter and gas phase air filter) can be changed independently, while conventional air purifiers often combine several filter types in one filter cartridge, so they must all be replaced even if one isn’t used up.
  • Triple Seal Design prevents internal particle leakage: This means that the pollutants remain inside the unit rather than being leaked back out to the air
  • Energy efficient: Outstanding energy efficiency is achieved with a very efficient fan and an advanced fan control setup. As a result, it cost only pennies per day to run an IQAir.
  • Easy mobility: Each IQAir air purifier comes with 4 casters.
  • Simple design and color blends with most decor: The neutral white and light grey design integrate perfectly in all dental offices.
  • Certified performance: IQAir® tests and certifies each air purifiers before shipping and provides a long warranty on the dental series air purifiers.
  • Items included with air purifier: Filters, remote control, batteries (for remote control), owners manual, set of 4 casters, 10 foot power cord, and certificate of guaranteed performance.
  • Important Notice: 120V Model
    • This air cleaner is safety tested and approved for the voltage requirements in the U.S., Canada and Mexico only.
    • This air cleaner will be damaged if plugged into a 220-240V outlet.
    • The use of a transformer or adaptor will not prevent the risk of damage.
    • This product has no warranty coverage when used outside North America.

Advanced controls

Remote Control

Diagram of how unit works


  • Designed specifically for Dentist and Orthodontist offices to provide proper filtration of common air quality contaminants
  • Eliminates micro and nano-sized particles such as allergens, smoke, bacteria and viruses to keep the office healthy
  • Specialized molecular control of gases such as mercury vapors, formaldehyde, alcohol, solvents and plasticizing agents
  • Micro-charged filtration eliminates activated carbon and chemisorption particles through a charged fiber structure
  • Cartridge style filters are easy to access and change
  • Superior engineering and design has specifically arranged the filters to promote long life and increase effectiveness
  • Advanced controls and remote allow you to set a certain pre-designated time for the air purifier to turn on and turn off (Set it on high for an hour or two before the office opens, run on medium during the day, and low after office has closed)
  • Certified performance: we were not quite sure whether this was a marketing gimmick, but given the variation in performance of some other air purifiers we have tested, it was reassuring that each IQAir air purifier has a certificate of performance in air delivery, filter leakage and particle filtration efficiency
  • Filter change indicator light illuminates orange when the filter only has 20% filter life remaining – this is an enormous plus in our eyes
  • Constructed of non-off gassing, durable materials
  • Helpful owner's manual is informative and easy to understand


  • The IQAir Dental Series are fairly large air purifiers and when the filters are in the units they weight 51 lbs. Luckily they have casters so they are easy to move for cleaning or reorganizing the office.
  • Expensive but well worth the investment


The IQAir Dental air purifiers offer superior quality and filtration that can only be delivered by IQAir. This manufacturer has unsurpassed knowledge of air filtration and has the ability to deliver air filtration to fit specific needs. The Dental Series consists of 2 models, the Dental Pro and the Dental Hg FlexVac, which are specifically developed for pollution control in dental offices. Both units have a neutral white and light grey design to integrate perfectly with all office settings. The Dental Pro is designed to be used in any room and cleans the air by constant recirculation of the air within the office. It uses 5 stages if filtration to remove contaminates such as bacteria, viruses, VOCs, disinfectant odors and mercury vapors. The more specific Dental Hg FlexVac is a mobile cleaning system with a flexible suction duct. This unit is designed to be placed right near a patient during a dental procedure to directly capture drill aerosols and mercury vapors before they spread through the entire office. If you want to ensure you dental office is a safe place for workers and patients to breathe clean indoor air, do not go another day without one of these machines. Regardless of their high price point, they are very much worth the health benefits and office comfort you will experience in return.

IQAir® Dental Pro Air Purifier


IQAir® Dental Pro Air Purifier

  • Control of gaseous contaminants and odors: Designed to be placed anywhere in a dental office and clean the typical pollutants found in the air by constant recirculation within the room.
  • Gas phase filter includes approx. 11 lbs. of impregnated activated carbon
  • Included with air purifier: filters, remote control, batteries (for remote control), owners manual, set of 4 casters, 10 foot power cord, and certificate of guaranteed performance

Technical Specifications of IQAir® Dental Pro Air Purifier

  IQAir® Dental Pro Air Purifier
Rated Air Flow of Fan
Rated Air Flow of Fan Speed 1 - 40 cfm
Speed 2 - 70 cfm
Speed 3 - 110cfm
Speed 4 - 140 cfm
Speed 5 - 170 cfm
Speed 6 - 260 cfm
Decibels Speed 1 - 43.6 db
Speed 2 - 51 db
Speed 3 - 58 db
Speed 4 - 61.9 db
Speed 5 - 64.6 db
Speed 6 - 71.9 db
Dimensions W 15' x D 16' x H 28'
Weight 51 lbs. (including filters)
Finish / Color
Finish / Color Light gray body, white arms
Housing PC-ABS (fire resistant) and ABS(UV-stabilized) non-offgasing, high impact resistant
Filters included
Filters included 1 pre-filter (Pre-Max Class H11 - 98% efficient hepa type)
1 gas phase filter (4 Hg cartridges)
1 particle post filter (4 sleeves)
Avg. air filter life
Avg. air filter life Pre. 6-18 months
Gas Phase: 1-3 yrs
Post: 1-3 yrs
Intake and Outflow of air purifier
Intake and Outflow of air purifier Intake: Two side openings at base of unit
Outtake: Via diffuser with horizontal 320 degree opening on top of unit
Indicators Programmable timer status, remaining filter life, fan speed indicators
Warranty 1 yr parts & labor

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Filters & Accessories for IQAir® Dental Pro Air Purifier

Warranty: 2 years on unit including fan motor, excluding filters. Filters are, as consumables, exempt from this warranty.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.
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