Bacterial Culture Screening Kits

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The Bacterial Culture Screening Kits has been discontinued.

Bacterial Culture Screen Check provides the necessary tool to assist in identifying as well as quantifying the bacterial flora. Fast, reliable shipping.

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It is well known that bacteria, which can lead to severe health and hygiene problems, is one of the main sources of indoor environment contaminants. Our Bacterial Culture Screening Kit provides the necessary tools to assist in identifying as well as quantifying the bacterial floral. The kit allows you to simply gather samples and send off to an AIHA accredited lab, which will generate accurate results within a few days. Concentration of identified bacteria is given in terms of Colony Forming Unit (CFU).
  • Needs a test kit to identify bacteria throughout the area.
  • Is moving into a new home or apartment and needs to find out the indoor environmental conditions.

  • Bacteria are one of the main sources of indoor environmental contaminants. It may cause severe health and hygiene problems to building occupants
  • Provides the necessary tools to assist in identifying, as well as providing concentration levels of Microbacterium, Micrococcus, and Staphylococcus by using a swab culture technique
  • Concentration of identified bacterial flora is given in terms of Colony Forming Unit (CFU), and are compared to what is considered to be normal
  • Can be used to measure personal exposure or room exposure
  • Analyzed by a AIHA accredited lab
  • Data validated for accuracy
  • Uses Bio-Badge sample collection technology
  • Meets OSHA and NIOSH accuracy requirements
  • Easy to use

    Who Should Use Bacteria Screening Check (BSC) Kit?
    • Real Estate Professionals
    • Insurance Claim Adjusters
    • Industrial Hygienists
    • Homeowners
    • HVAC Engineers
    • Building Managers
    • Facility Managers
    • Facility Operators
    • Architects
    • Government Officials
    • Engineers
    • County, City, and State Officials
    • Building Maintenance Supervisors
    • Test and Balance Professionals
    • Educators
    • School and Plant Operators
    • Hospital Engineers
    • Physicians

Sampling Instructions:
  • Select an area of concern
  • Hold the Bio-Vial and unscrew the cap. You will notice the cap also acts as a handle for the attached sampling swab (see Picture A below)
  • Place swab tip against collection site and sweep up and down slowly moving across to the right. Rotate the swab between the thumb and forefinger during the sweeping action to ensure the entire of the swab is used. Now repeat this process sweeping from left to right, starting at the top of the area and slowly moving down. (see Picture B below)
  • Place swab back into the Bio-Vial and tighten cap securely. (see Picture C Below)
  • Fill out all information requested on the Bio-Val and Chain of Custody form
  • Mail the Bio Vial and chain of custody back in the pre-paid envelope provided
  • Expect the lab report results mailed back to you from the Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDL) in 10-14 business days. You may also make a special request to receive the lab report via fax as well. This report will help define the environmental conditions as they existed during your sampling.

Understanding the lab report:
All EDL (Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory) reports are prepared with a glossary describing each term. If you have any trouble understanding the data in the report, you are given a toll-free number to contact a specialist who will help you understand your results for free. Your report includes guidelines you can use to see if you have a low, significant, or high amount of bacteria in your home. Please note: The report furnishes information only and is not intended to be an interpretation of the results.

Bacterial Culture Screening Kits


Bacterial Culture Screening Kits

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  Bacterial Culture Screening Kits

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