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Hypodown Down Pillows

Hypodown is a natural hypoallergenic combination of white goose down and Syriaca. Asclepias Syriaca, or Syriaca, is also known as milkweed. Syriaca grows abundantly in the United States and is now cultivated on Nebraska farms. The fall harvest reaps soft and silky clusters from the plants pod. The Hypodown naturally traps and suppresses the dust and dander that people with allergies react to in traditional down products. This combination makes Hypodown the only natural, hypoallergenic down product in the bedding industry. Hypodown is warmer, more breathable, and more durable than down alone. With a Hypodown pillow, the moisture is transferred away from your body and released into the air 30% quicker than traditional down and about 70% quicker than synthetic filled pillows.

Our Hypodown pillows are available in different fill powers, which is the technical term for the space 1 ounce of down occupies in cubic inches. Our pillows are sold in three fill powers: 600, 700 and 800 fill and they all consist of 80% Pure Hungarian Goose Down and 20% Syriaca Clusters. The 80% of down in the 800 fill pillow contains 95% large plumule down clusters and only 5% of down plumule pieces. The 80% of down in the 700 fill pillow contains 85% large plumule down clusters and 15% of down plumule pieces. The 600 fill is 75% large plumule down clusters and 25% of down plumule pieces.

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