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Hamilton Beach True Air Air Purifiers

Hamilton Beach air purifiers are easy to maintain, efficient and a great value. We do not carry their whole line but offer a smaller selection of models which passed our testing standards. These are not air purifiers for those with serious allergy issues or VOC problems but we do feel they have a place in our air purifier selection. If nothing else, their prices are astonishing and their allergen reduction capabilities are quite respectable.

You will find on our product pages that we provide a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of every air purifier we carry. If you want more options, see our complete selection of air purifiers. You can also buy Hamilton Beach replacement filters even for products which have been discontinued.

The TrueAir Allergen Reducer air purifiers with permanent filters are eco-conscious gems as you never have to replace the filter, just vacuum or wash periodically. They are also Energy Star qualified, do not emit ozone and scrub the air of allergens and particulates at a higher rate than other ionic air cleaners. Hamilton Beach air purifiers are designed to provide relief from mild or seasonal allergies at a very affordable price.