Hamilton Beach Air Purifiers with Ultra-Violet

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The Hamilton Beach Air Purifiers Ultraviolet Replacement Bulb has been discontinued.

We're sorry, the Hamilton Beach Model 04163 and 04161 Air purifiers have been discontinued. Replacement filters are still available on this page.

For our alternative product suggestions please see the Other Options tab or view our currently available Hamilton Beach Air Purifiers.
  • Has a room in a home, condo, office or apartment up to 350 sq. ft. who needs clean air circulated in an office, kitchen, family room, bedroom or basement
  • Wants an air purifier with 3 way protection from allergens with 3 stage filtration - a carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter, and UV germicidal light
  • Would like a digital AirSmartâ„¢ display to show air quality, and filter replacement indicator shown on the control panel of the air purifiers
  • Wants to reduce airborne particles, allergens, and odors such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and smoke
  • Needs an air purifier that is light enough to be moved around from room to room

  • Three stage air filtration and odor control system:
    1. Prefilter: (carbon based) replace every 3 months (with continuous use) - used to capture large dust, air particles, and odors.
    2. True Hepa Filter: replace every 12 months (with continuous use)
    3. UV germicidal light: replace every 250 days (with continuous use)
  • AirSmartâ„¢sensor that displays the air quality (poor, fair, good) for the room on the control panel.
  • Provides high efficiency air filtration for areas up to 350 sq ft with true HEPA filtration for 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns including dust, pollen and smoke
  • 4 fan speed settings: each air purifier comes with
    1. WhisperClean:use for quiet, nighttime operation or for constant low-speed filtration
    2. Medium - provides a higher fan speed; use to quickly filter dust, pollen, smoke, etc. from a room
    3. QuickClean - provides cleaning during acute needs
    4. Auto - functions with the AirSmart sensor and automatically selects the fan speed depending on the air quality detected. This is the normal setting for continuous use.
  • Filter replacement indicator lights are on the control panel shown to the right, as well as a UV and power 'on' indicator lights
  • Long lasting HEPA filter - lasts 1 year depending on use
  • Works with any decor- neutral color. Can work against a wall or in a corner.
  • Ease of mobility - built in carrying handles on either side of the unit.

Filter Indicators

UV Germicidal Light

3 Way Protection

AirSmart sensor

Auto Quality Setting

How to clean Hamilton Beach® Air Purifier
  • Wipe the enclosure, control panel, and cord with a damp cloth or sponge
  • The intake grille can be removed and hand washed in warm, soapy water
  • The outlet grille should simply be dusted - not immersed in water
  • The AirSmart Sensor cleaner is located on the air purifier in a storage compartment, and one simply opens the sensor compartment on the side of the unit, then places the air sensor cleaner into the opening, and pushes the cleaner in and out several times to clean the filter lens.
  • No part of the air purifier should be placed in a dishwasher
The uniqueness of 3-way filtration with a HEPA filter and UV germicidal light attracted us to these air purifiers from the start. And, with a time-tested manufacturer that makes many other household appliances, we felt good about the company's business reputation for producing quality equipment.


  • We like that these air purifiers offer 3-way filtration: a UV germicidal light in addition to a prefilter and HEPA filter. A triple threat to allergens makes these units stand out from others in their class.
  • The AirSmart sensor technology is a real plus on these units. It allows you to constantly know the air quality in any room, and adjust the fan speeds accordingly. This is useful because you may not need to turn the air purifier on the highest setting if air quality is good, and you can therefore extend the life of the filters by not overusing them.
  • One of our tester's favorite features is the automatic dial setting - simply set the air purifier to automatic, and it will regulate the fan speed based on the air quality of the room
  • These air purifiers are lightweight. In fact, the smaller model at 12 pounds is a good unit to take with you when traveling to be used in a vacation home, hotel, etc.
  • A filter change indicator on the LCD display will tell you when it's time to change the pre-filter and hepa filter
  • There is an 'on & off' button for the UV light, so you can choose when to use the light to kill germs and bacteria
  • A nice safety feature is built into these air purifiers - the auto shut-off feature turns off the fan and UV light if you remove the grills on the top or front of the air purifier to change a filter


  • On low speed setting, these air purifiers are slightly louder than a computer.
  • These air purifiers are noisy on high speed, but they can clear a room quickly from particulates due to the high fan power; you can use the high speed setting to clean a room and then turn it down when the air quality is improved
  • We don't recommend these air purifiers for gas and VOC removal
  • Annual maintenance costs are slightly higher than other small air purifiers, but the other small units do not have an ultraviolet light for killing viruses


These Hamilton Beach air purifiers are for someone with medium allergies for particulate, bacteria, and virus control. You get an easy to maintain, efficient air cleaner with lots of features usually found in more expensive air cleaners for a very reasonable price. These air purifiers get the job of air purification done in a small room. And with a 1 year warranty, you won't be disappointed with these economically priced units.

Hamilton Beach Air Purifiers Ultraviolet Replacement Bulb

Hamilton Beach Air Purifiers Ultraviolet Replacement Bulb

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  Hamilton Beach Air Purifiers Ultraviolet Replacement Bulb

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Warranty: 1 year limited warranty to be free from defects in materials and workmanship; no warranty on the filters or bulbs included

Availability: Usually ships out in 1-2 days.
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