Ginesis Essential Face Cream

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The Ginesis Essential Face Cream has been discontinued.

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Enhance the natural radiance of your skin and face with our Ginesis Essential Face Cream. The unique formula combines elastin and collagen with naturally occurring plant extracts to restore elasticity and tone to skin. Your skin will look and feel firm and silky smooth without common synthetic ingredients, parabens and other harsh chemicals commonly found in face creams. As the cream actively delivers a transfer of essential oxygen between skin and body tissue, formation of wrinkles and scaliness is minimized and new elastin fibers are generated. The skin will exhibit an invigorating glow with daily use!

  • Designed to restore elasticity and tone to skin
  • Elastin and collagen has been formulated with naturally occurring plant extracts, which cannot be duplicated in any other product
  • Promotes binding moisture
  • Formation of wrinkles and scaliness is minimized
  • New elastin fibers are generated
  • Smoother, firmer appearance is visible
  • Enhances natural radiance of skin and face
  • Promotes essential transfer of oxygen between skin and tissue
  • Size: 2 oz.
Apply as a wrinkle cream, day cream, night cream, moisturizing cream

Ginesis Essential Face Cream


Ginesis Essential Face Cream

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  Ginesis Essential Face Cream

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