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Eurosteam Steam Cleaners, Commercial

Eurosteam Vapor Steam Cleaners are durable, reliable and are built for heavy-duty commercial use. These heavy-duty steam cleaners feature a strong stainless steel exterior, high quality stainless steel boiler, flexible hosing with a steel cable interior and professional-grade accessory tools. Such features allow the user to confidently steam clean for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week without a hitch.
Eurosteam steam cleaners can be used almost anywhere where cleaning challenges are serious, including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, day care centers and more.

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Eurosteam Steam Cleaners, Commercial Grade

Eurosteam takes the challenges of steam cleaning in commercial settings very seriously and has been doing so for a number of years. This is not an upstart company, but one that has been doing heavy duty commercial steam cleaning for years and will stand behind its products and will service them if necessary.

1. Eurosteam Steam Cleaners are ideal for heavy-duty commercial cleaning: We say this because they come equipped with 10-year duty cycle internal parts and commercial grade accessories. They feature copper tubing, high grade stainless steel boilers and hoses that are reinforced by steel cables and are crush resistant.

2. The Dry Steam produced by a Eurosteam steam cleaner is amongst the driest in the industry with of only 6% water vapor. We found the steam to be hot and dry without leaving puddles or splashes of water behind.

3. Steam Temperature Matters. The top of the line Eurosteam cleaners feature a temperature of 316°F in the internal boiler; 185-245°F at the tip depending on attachment used. This high steam temperature is critical for performance in commercial settings.

4. Designed to be operated 8 hours per day, but note that these are single and not continuous fill boilers. This does mean that there is about 20 minutes down time between refills, but the large Eurosteam tanks mean that the average user can go several hours without a refill on their best models and Eurosteam proponents would contend that during the steam cleaning usage time, their customers are enjoying better and more consistent steam quality.

5. Eurosteam steam cleaners come with a complete set of industrial strength, high quality commercial tools. These tools make for much easier cleaning in the toughest situations and will withstand much abuse and use for years to come. <
6. Eurosteam steam cleaners are simple to operate and have very informative manuals which gives you a vast array of application tips. All steam cleaners in our opinion take some learning, but the Eurosteam is quite intuitive once you grasp the fundamentals.

7. Safety First. A safety trigger is located on the handle to prevent one from accidentally burning when not in use. Commercial grade steam cleaners are equipped with thermal protection which will automatically shut the unit off if it over heats. Lastly, there is a pressure relief safety cap in case the pressure builds too high.

8. Eco Friendly cleaning fluids for anti microbial protection. After steam cleaning an area you can now apply an antimicrobial layer to surfaces after the dry vapor steam has cleaned the surface. This provides an antimicrobial resistant barrier which will keep these surfaces clean and sanitary for a longer period.

9. A Cart is provided with Eurosteam commercial steam cleaners which you need to store tools and spot cleaners on board along with the steam cleaner itself which when full of water is quite heavy