Crane Drop Humidifiers

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The Crane Drop humidifiers feature a simple and fun design, energy efficiency and ultrasonic technology for providing cool moisture in nurseries and small bedrooms. Fast, reliable shipping. Ratings & reviews.

Crane Drop Humidifiers

Quiet ultrasonic cool mist humidifier for rooms up to 250 sq. ft. Includes demineralization cartridge and 8 fl. oz. cleaning solution/descaler. Available in colors Blue/White, White, Pink, Orange, and Green.

AVAILABILITY: Ships out within 1 - 3 business days. Does not ship to Canada.

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Add a splash of color to your child's bedroom as our Crane Drop Humidifier quietly delivers cool moisture for improving health and overall home environment. The Drop Huminifer come in 5 colors Blue/White, White, Pink, Orange, and Green. These humidifiers will quickly and quietly disperse a soothing cool mist through its 360° mist nozzle and ultimately help to alleviate dry skin, asthma, swollen nasal passages and other symptoms associated with dry air. Plus, with our convenient deluxe package, which includes a demineralization filter cartridge and cleaning solution/descaler, you can rest easy knowing only clean, healthy mist is entering the air. Some useful features include automatic shut-off when tank is empty, variable humidity control and lightweight removable tank. Covers up to 250 square feet.
  • Would like an easy-to-operate and compact humidifier that will quietly deliver cool moisture to a child's bedroom or other smaller rooms up to 250 sq. ft.
  • Would like a small humidifier that includes a demineralization cartridge and cleaning solution/descaler to help reduce white dust and control odor.
  • Would like to replace those old, clunky and unattractive units with a clean, modern and fun looking designed humidifier.

  • Increases air moisture for easier breathing
  • 0.9 gallon water tank runs quietly up to 24 hours on low
  • Variable humidity control
  • 360° mist nozzle
  • Auto shutoff safety sensor
  • Demineralization filter cartridge helps to reduce white dust
  • Cleaning solution/descaler dissolves mineral deposits, controls odors and prolongs life of humidifier
  • Low energy consumption
  • Available in 5 colors Blue/White, White, Pink, Orange, and Green





Demineralization Filter Cartridge

Cleaning Solution/Descaler

For best results replace the Demineralization Filter Cartridge after every 30 - 40 fillings under normal use or when the humidifier has not been operated for an extended period of time.
1. Room Coverage
2. Level of Quietness
3. Filter Life & Cost of Replacement Cartridges
4. Amount of Maintenance Required
5. Anti-bacterial Features
6. Ease of Filling
7. Ease of Operation and Filter Replacement
8. Quality of Construction
9. Humidistat to select desired humidity level & hygrometer to display the actual humidity in the room Not Applicable
10. Frequency of Filling
11. Value for Price

Crane has designed a humidifier that caters to the needs of children and even those adults young at heart. We give our Crane humidifiers high marks for their quiet operation, ease-of-use, affordable price point and enjoyable appearance.


  • It is whisper quiet while running so not to disturb sleep at night.
  • Will quickly and safely emit comforting cool moisture to a smaller sized room. The large variable knob on the front of the unit makes it extremely easy to adjust from low to high mist levels.
  • The nozzle can be twisted a full 360° so one can easily aim the mist in the direction of choice.
  • For those who may on occasion forget to turn the unit off, there is a thoughtfully designed safety sensor which will automatically shut off the humidifier when the tank runs empty.
  • Our Deluxe package conveniently includes a demineralization filter cartridge and cleaning solution/descaler to ensure healthy, clean mist is being dispersed while also prolonging the life of the humidifier.


  • Will not properly humidify larger sized rooms.
  • Does not have a humidistat for controlling the desired humidity in the room.


We found the Crane Drop Humidifiers to be attractive and affordable units that did a grand job with keeping chapped lips, stuffy noses and cold symptoms at bay. Right out of the box, the Drop is pretty much ready to operate. The tank is compact and lightweight enough to easily fill underneath most kitchen and bathroom sinks and the variable mist control knob allowed us to control the level of mist needed. Its safe and simple operation and adorable design will certainly fit nicely in a child's bedroom.

Crane Drop Humidifiers


Crane Drop Humidifiers

Technical Specifications of Crane Drop Humidifiers

  Crane Drop Humidifiers
Room Coverage
Room Coverage 250 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity
Tank Capacity 0.9 gallons
Humidification Performance
Humidification Performance 2.3 gallons per 24 hours
Auto Shut-Off
Auto Shut-Off Yes
Power Supply (Volt, Hertz, Watts)
Power Supply (Volt, Hertz, Watts) 120V, 60Hz
Weight 5 lbs.
Dimensions 9'W x 8 1/2'D x 12'H
Warranty 1 year

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Filters & Accessories for Crane Drop Humidifiers

Crane Animal Humidifiers Seasonal Replacement Kit

Replacement kit is packaged to last the season. Includes 2 demineralization filter cartridges (replace every 30 – 40 fillings) and 1 bottle of humidifier cleaning solution/descaler cleaner (8 oz.).

Availability: In Stock. Ships in 1 - 3 Business Days. Does Not Ship to Canada.




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