Cottonfresh Natural Cotton Dust Mite Pillow Covers

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Natural cotton pillow covers for allergen protection. Cottonfresh pillow covers zip close and have a small 3.45 micron pore size. Soft, 240 thread count cotton is chemical free and Eco-Tex certified. Cottonfresh provides safe, healthy, allergen protection for your pillows. See our ratings and reviews.

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These pure cotton pillow covers from Europe are constructed of 100% all-natural cotton that is unbleached and untreated. The Cottonfresh fabric has passed stringent European testing and is Eco-Tex certified, guaranteeing it to be free of harmful chemicals and 21 specific allergens. The cotton is woven so tightly that dust mites cannot get through, yet it remains lightweight, silky, supple and breathable. Besides being one of our lightest and smoothest dust mite barrier fabrics, Cottonfresh offers the smallest average pore size of any of our cotton dust mite covers! Tested in Europe at the Entomology Center at the University of Cambridge and by the British Textiles Technology Group, as well as in the USA by Porous Materials, Inc., these dust mite covers have an extremely small pore size of 3.45 microns, which is well below the required 6 micron needed to prevent dust mites and their allergens from passing through. Natural in color with nylon zipper closures. Includes a 10-year manufacturers warranty.

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  • 100% natural cotton
  • No harmful chemical treatments or substances have been applied to the fabric
  • Average pore size of 3.45 microns
  • Impenetrable by house dust mites and their allergens
  • Tested in Europe at the Entomology Center at the University of Cambridge and by the British Textiles Technology Group, as well as in the USA by Porous Materials
  • Fabric weight: 3.69 oz per square yard with 240 threads stitched per square inch
  • Supremely soft and comfortable to sleep on
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Nylon zipper closures
  • Natural in color, no bleach or dyes

    Cottonfresh natural cotton fabric is certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100 and carries the Confidence in Textiles trademark, guaranteeing the fabric is free of harmful chemicals and 21 specific allergens. Oeko-Tex standard 100 is a European global testing and certification system for screening harmful substances in consumer textile products. It sets stricter limits than current EC legislation on banned or restricted use substances used in textile manufacturing.

If you wake up in the morning with itchy, watery eyes, nasal stuffiness, runny nose, and in some cases asthma you may be allergic to dust mites and their allergens. These allergic reactions to mite allergens can be a year round problem. Dust mites live in mattresses, comforters, carpeting and upholstery. These Cottonfresh dust mite covers provide a barrier against 99.95% of dust mites and their allergens. Since we spend almost one third of our lives in our bedroom it makes sense to make it a healthy enjoyable place to be. One of the easiest, most economical solutions is to encase your mattress and pillows with zippered, tightly woven dust mite covers. Put your sheets and pillowcases over these covers.

These dust mite covers are closed by a fine zip fastener and may be washed at high temperature. The manufacturer recommends laundering them every few months month if used under standard sheets and comforter covers. Wash pillow covers once a month. The cloth is pre-shrunk but there may be an additional 2% shrinkage if washed at high temperatures. This extra shrinkage actually makes the weave tighter still and therefore more protective.
It is constructed of 100 percent unbleached, undyed and untreated all natural cotton, which has been tightly woven and specially finished for unique allergen barrier properties. The only treatment applied to the fabric after weaving is washing with a washing agent to remove impurities picked up in the weaving processing followed by rinsing in water. No other substances have been applied to the fabric.
1. Barrier to Dust Mites (pore size less than 10 microns)
2. Barrier to Dust Mite Allergens (pore size less than 6 microns)
3. Fabric Quality
4. Zipper Quality
5. Construction Quality
6. Sleeping Comfort (quiet and discrete under sheets - no plastic feel)
7. Easy to put on
8. Breathability
9. Durability
10. Value for Price
11. Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Small pore size of 3.45 microns is very impressive for a woven natural cotton dust mite cover and will efficiently block dust mites and their allergens
  • Fabric is a lightweight cotton with a soft sateen feel. You will not even know these are on your bed or pillows.
  • Fabric is made from a pure natural cotton that is Eco-Tex(Oeko-Tex) certified guaranteeing it to be free of harmful chemicals and 21 specific allergens that are commonly used in manufacturing textiles
  • Safe for those with sensitive skin or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  • Very impressive fabric and construction quality


  • As with all woven dust mite covers, these will reduce in efficiency over time as wear and repeated washing will naturally increase the pore size of the fabric. Wash only when necessary to extend the life of these covers.


Cottonfresh represents the latest developments in allergy avoidance bedding. Barrier covers for pillows, duvets and mattresses have been around for a while now, but usually relying on synthetic fabrics and plastic membranes to keep house dust mite allergens at bay. But these materials can be unsuitable for anyone sensitive to chemicals or who find synthetics hot or noisy to sleep on. Cottonfresh are soft, smooth and feel more comfortable than even regular cotton pillow case covers. We heard about a UK firm which has made a major breakthrough in quality and comfort with their Cottonfresh dust mite covers and tracked them down. We had samples of their barrier covers sent over to test for our members and believe me they are the 'Rolls Royce' of allergy free bedding! Cottonfresh barrier covers are made of 100% pure natural unbleached cotton. The Cottonfresh fabric has been tested and found to have a pore size of 3.45 microns which is well below the 10 microns needed to block dust mites.

Cottonfresh Natural Cotton Pillow Covers


Cottonfresh Natural Cotton Pillow Covers

Technical Specifications of Cottonfresh Natural Cotton Pillow Covers

  Cottonfresh Natural Cotton Pillow Covers
Dust Mite Encasing Fabric
Dust Mite Encasing Fabric 100% Natural Cotton
Fabric Treatment
Fabric Treatment None
Color Natural
Thread Count
Thread Count 240
Waterproof Liner
Waterproof Liner No
Average Pore Size
Average Pore Size 3.45 micron

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Pillow Cover Sets of Two
Size Dimensions
Standard/Queen 20" x 29.5"
King 21" x 37"

Warranty: 1 year on workmanship

Please Note: Opened bedding is not returnable unless covered under the warranty.

Availability: These covers ship via the post office from England, then transfer over to the US postal service. Check in with your local post office for information on your package status. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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