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These lightweight Cottonfresh Dreambag sleep sacks are 100% cotton, dust mite proof and allergen free. These cotton sleeping sacks come as adult size sleep sacks and childrens sleep sacks.

A portable way to get a healthy night's sleep when you're away from home. Sleep sacks like the Dreambag are ideal to protect against irritation from germs, allergens and chemicals in unfamiliar bedding. Laboratory tested, these lightweight sleep sacks contain no harmful substances and are ideal as bed liners for travelers with dust mite allergies, eczema, asthma, rhinitis, psoriasis, dermatitis or multiple chemical sensitivity. Includes a 10-year manufacturers warranty. As for your home bedding, we recommend to cover your mattresses, box springs, pillows and comforters in non-allergenic tightly woven zippered Dust Mite Covers for Mattress, Pillow and Comforters or Duvets.

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  • Healthy sleeping as allergy proof bedding while on the road - protection for a child or adult from exposure to allergens from uncovered mattresses & pillows
  • Protection from germs - made of 100% pure natural unbleached cotton, these lightweight sleep sack sheets are perfect protection from laundering chemicals, detergents when staying in hotels, motels, vacation homes and camps
  • Great for children's sleepovers - for a child with dust mite allergies, eczema or multiple chemical sensitivity. These childrens sleep sacks can be used as a liner inside a childrens sleeping bag or on its own during summer months
  • For short and long cruises - good for sailors and passengers
  • For in-flight naps and hotels - perfect for airplane pilots and flight attendants
  • Summer camp bedding - children will have a comfortable, allergy free bedding alternative to piles of bedding
  • Bedding liners - if planning on staying at a friend's overnight, no need to impose and cause more laundry for hosts
  • RVs and campers - perfect for guests who stay in an RV on a trip
  • Convenient storage - lightweight cotton sleep sack folds into convenient drawstring pouch, easier than rolling a sleeping bag

  • 100% pure cotton, dust mite proof fabric: lightweight for cool, gentle comfort and healthy sleeping
  • Laboratory tested: Eco-Tex certified* free of specific allergens that can contribute to eczema, asthma, psoriasis and multiple other allergy related conditions
  • Built-in pillow cover: provides maximum protection from allergens acting as both sheets and pillow case
  • Colorful drawstring pouch included: Comes in red or blue check pattern
  • Two convenient sizes: generously sized children version is zip-free to prevent scratching and adult size has fine outer zip with teeth concealed on the inside
  • Double stitched construction: for maximum protection against dust mite allergen penetration
  • Color: natural (contains no dyes, chlorine bleach or brighteners)

  • *What is the Eco-Tex Standard 100?
    This standard was independently formulated and is administered throughout Europe by 13 independent testing authorities. The standard is rigorously maintained & monitored. The products manufactured & tested to this standard are:
    • Free of 21 specific allergens
    • Below the limit values of 22 different pesticide residues as applied to fruit & vegetables
    • Do not release under the influence of perspiration any more metals than are permitted in drinking water
    • Do not contain any dyes or products split off from dyes which are regarded as being possibly liable to cause cancer
    • Contain less formaldehyde than that permitted in baby products
    • Are free of chlorine bleaches
    • Have a pH favorable to human skin
    • Contain no biocide or flame-retardant chemicals
    • Resistant to the effects of saliva & perspiration
Made of 100% cotton, they can be machine or hand washed at a minimum of 130 degrees Fahrenheit (temperature necessary to destroy dust mite allergens) on the gentle cycle with mild soap. Hang to dry. They air dry quickly — a necessity when on the road.
Cottonfresh represents the latest developments in allergy avoidance bedding. Barrier covers and dust mite covers for pillows, duvets and mattresses have been around for a while now, but usually relying on synthetic fabrics and plastic membranes to keep house dust mite allergens at bay. But these materials can be unsuitable for anyone sensitive to chemicals or who find synthetics hot or noisy to sleep on. Cottonfresh is soft, smooth and feels more comfortable than most retail stores regular cotton pillow case covers. These Dreambag sleep sacks are great for the traveler who wants to be protected from unfamiliar bedding while away from home. Cottonfresh barrier covers are made of 100% pure natural unbleached cotton.

Cottonfresh Dreambag Sleep Sacks


Cottonfresh Dreambag Sleep Sacks

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  Cottonfresh Dreambag Sleep Sacks

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Warranty: 1 year on workmanship.

Please Note: Opened bedding is not returnable unless covered under the warranty.

Availability: These items ship via the post office from England. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Canadian Customers: Your postal service imposes taxes and service charges on this item.

PLEASE NOTE: These Dreambags are not heavy sleeping bags. They are sheets in the design of a sleeping bag.
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