Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

We have two criteria for vacuum cleaners for those in need of a lightweight vacuum. Firstly, they need to work well as a vacuum cleaner; otherwise using a poor performance vacuum can be an exercise in frustration. Secondly, these vacuum cleaners must be lightweight. Whether we are getting older ourselves or have aging parents we know that the weight of a vacuum cleaner matters, and it matters a lot. Ever seen one of your elderly parents struggle with a heavy vacuum? It is painful. Also painful is seeing their home slowly gathering dust bunnies. Again, if you have back problems then you know the utter frustration of finding your vacuum cleaner just too heavy to lift out of the closet. Thankfully, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have recognized this need and in the last couple of years have greatly improved their offerings in the lightweight category. Light does not necessarily mean cheap, but if you can get over that, there are actually now some very commendable vacuum cleaners which are suitable for the elderly, disabled or anyone who prefers a light vacuum.