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Why we support charity: water

Clean water is unfortunately a resource that is in short supply for many communities, and something we at Allergy Buyers Club are very passionate about. Across the world, about 663 million people drink dirty water daily, something charity: water is working to change. This month we are partnering with them as they strive to help end the water crisis. Their focus is on sustainable, community-owned water projects across the world, supported by key partnerships they develop in affected areas.

Currently it’s estimated that their 38,113 completed water projects will provide clean water to over 9.5 million people in 27 countries. And that’s just the beginning. With their commitment to transparency and international work to enact change, Allergy Buyers Club is proud to support them as they embark on their mission.

United Way of Northern California Volunteer

What They Do:

charity: water provides funding to inspiring organizations all over the world who are providing long-lasting water and sanitation services. Their goal isn't just to get water flowing now, but to make sure it flows for years to come.

Organizations are selected based on geography and assessments of needs, available technology, and sector experts who understand which approaches are most effective and to ensure the best practices are utilized in the field. 100% of public donations are used to fund ongoing water projects – all spend is meticulously accounted for, and GPS coordinates are made public using Google maps so that supporters can see where charity: water works, and the projects their money is funding.

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