EZ Cal Humidifier Cleaner

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Control the humidity and clean your air at the same time with the Boneco by Air-O-Swiss 2055A air washer. The 2055A Humidifiers by Boneco make excellent room humidifiers for your home or office. See Boneco 2055A ratings and reviews.

EZ Cal Humidifier Cleaner

Includes a total of 9 EZCal packets. For best results use 1 packet every 2 weeks.

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Boneco by Air-O-Swiss 2055A Air Washers provide a two-in-one benefit. They provide an optimal level of cool mist evaporative humidification without the need for replacement filters. They also filter out and trap pet hair and large dust particles, so the air gets cleaner at the same time. The Boneco 2055A model features easy-to-use manual controls and Hydro Cell to keep the humidifier clean and fresh longer. Other features include ultra-quiet operation, a transparent and removable water tank, automatic shut off and low power consumption. Covers up to 600 square feet and comes with a 10 year warranty.

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  • Suffers from allergies, asthma or sinus pressure and wants a portable humidifier and air cleaner in one machine to ensure a healthy environment
  • Needs relief from sore throat, dry nose, lips or skin
  • Needs a virtually silent humidifier for a bedroom, office, family room up to 600 sq. ft.
  • Doesn't want to change traditional filters on a unit

  • Removes particles and allergens while humidifying
  • Self-regulating evaporation guarantees an optimal level of humidification
  • Hydro Cell provides constant freshness in humidifier
  • Pre-ionizer charges particles as they enter the air washer
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Auto shut-off with refill indicator light
  • Transparent, removable water tank
  • Removable housing and air inlet grid
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fragrance capsule for scenting a room
  • High quality components with long service life
  • Cable storage
  • Made in Czech Republic

Removable Tank

Disc System

Special humidifying discs rotate in a water bath inside the unit; this cleanses the air passing over them of impurities in a natural way – in the same way that air is washed by the rain in nature. The air humidification takes place according to the self-regulating principle of cold evaporation. The appliance therefore generates ideal air humidity, without the need for additional control units.

The recommended cleaning intervals depend on the air and water quality, as well as operating times. The upper part of the housing and fan should be removed and wiped out thoroughly with a damp cleaning cloth once to twice a year. Every two weeks the water tank and base should be cleaned and rinsed with a household detergent. Every 4 weeks the humidifying discs should be cleansed since it will accumulate a thin lime scale that increases the humidity output. They can be easily removed by using the multi-functional fragrance container, which also acts as the disc key.

Replacements: The Hydro Cell is an advanced water maintenance system that ensures your humidifier's functionality while providing fresh humidification performance. It needs to be replaced every 1 - 2 months depending on water quality.

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2. Level of Quietness
3. Filter Life & Cost of Replacement Cartridges
4. Amount of Maintenance Required
5. Anti-bacterial Features
6. Ease of Filling
7. Ease of Operation and Filter Replacement
8. Quality of Construction
9. Humidistat to select desired humidity level & hygrometer to display the actual humidity in the room Not Applicable
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11. Value for Price

The Boneco by Air O Swiss 2055A Air Washer is a multi-functional humidifier with several useful and interesting features. It will humidify a substantial space, providing relief from dry nose and skin and other common symptoms of allergies and asthma as well as remove particles and allergens from the air.


  • Covers up to 600 square feet
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Hydro Cell provides freshness in humidifier
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Fragrance capsule adds a scent while humidifying
  • Transparent tank to monitor water level
  • Removes allergens and particles from air during humidification
  • High quality construction is backed by an impressive 10 year warranty


  • No automatic shut off
  • Can be awkward and heavy to carry for some
  • While it will remove particles from the air it does not replace a traditional air purifier


The Boneco by Air O Swiss 2055A air washer is an innovative machine indeed. This machine is ideal for the mild allergy sufferer that would like to both clean and humidify an area without the expense of two separate machines. The Boneco 2055A will effectively improve the humidity of medium to large spaces while removing allergens and particles from the air. There is even a fragrance capsule to add a scent and freshen the space while keeping the air moist and clean. The pre ionizer feature even forces dust particles into clusters making it easier for the Boneco 2055 to trap them in the perpetually rotating discs. Easy to clean and operate, the Boneco by Air O Swiss 2055A will keep you breathing comfortably for years to come and the 5 year warranty is proof of that.

EZ Cal Humidifier Cleaner


EZ Cal Humidifier Cleaner

  • Cleans and descales mineral build-up
  • Ensures a clean humidifier and continuous high performance
  • Simple and safe to use. For best results use every two weeks depending on the water hardness
  • Includes 3 individual EZCal packets
  • Safe to use with all Air-O-Swiss models and other humidifier brands

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  EZ Cal Humidifier Cleaner

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EZ Cal Humidifier Cleaner

3 Packages of EZCal decalcification cleaner for all AOS units. 3 packets per package for a total of 9 packets. For best results, use 1 packet for 32 oz of water every 2 weeks.

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