Bluewater Spirit 300 Carbon Pre-Filter

Bluewater Spirit 300 Carbon Pre-Filter

The Bluewater Spirit Water Purification System fits under your kitchen sink and features SuperiorOsmosis™ purification process for cleaning up to 43.2 gallons of tap water per hour. Authorized Bluewater dealer. Fast, Free Shipping.

Each day we learn more about contaminants that are being found in the municipal drinking water systems in our own states, cities and towns. Don't wait to protect your family's health. We believe that the Bluewater Spirit SuperiorOsmosis™ water filtration system is the best overall water filter available for a residential environment. It is capable of handling the demand of large families who consume a lot of drinking water or for the home chef who is regularly cooking but wants to be sure they are cooking with clean, fresh water. The Spirit removes solid particles down to 5 microns, eliminating 99% of most known contaminants such as lead, chlorine, fluoride and volatile organic compounds for a clean tasting, healthy water source.


Includes one Bluewater Spirit Activated Carbon Pre-filter. Replace this pre-filter, every six months or per 1,200 gallons

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  • High capacity output of 43.2 gallons per hour
  • Direct flow, no need of tank
  • Patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology
  • Long-Life Membrane 3-5 years
  • Features water quality alarm with integrated system stop
  • Perfect for cooking
  • Economical water circulation system
  • Saves up to 82% more waste water than traditional RO systems
  • Low energy consumption - peak consumption of 350 Watts
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Compact design fits neatly under the sink
  • Contaminant reduction
    • Salt: 95-99%
    • Copper: 99%
    • Cysts: 99%
    • Fluoride: 98-99%
    • Lead: 99%
    • Nitrates: 98%
    • Nitrites: 97%
    • Viruses: 99%
    • Bacteria: 99%
    • Turbidity: 99%
  • Professional installation recommended

The Spirit Water Filtration System from Bluewater is undeniably one of the most impressive water filtration systems we have seen to date. With an average contaminant removal average of 99% and a clean water delivery of 43. gallons, the Bluewater Spirit may just be the safest water filter available for the home environment.
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