Blueair 103 Air Purifiers

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The DISCONTINUED Blueair 103 Air Purifiers has been discontinued.

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The Blueair 103 air purifier comes standard with a particle filter and is the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and other health conscious individuals that need high-efficiency particle removal. Its HEPAQuiet technology is designed to deliver high filtration performance while cleaning more air at a faster rate with less noise. Its compact size and 150 sq. ft. room coverage is perfect for use in a small room.


  • Very good filtration. Our testing results show the Blueair 103 removed 94.8% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns on the first air pass. This is a very good score, especially for a smaller size air cleaner.
  • Very quiet on low setting. Like the larger Blueair air purifiers, this one is also whisper quiet on the low fan setting which is the setting that most will use the air purifier on. It does become noisy when used on the high setting but this speed will most likely only be used for quick cleaning when no one is in the room.
  • Filter lasts 1 year. We were very happy that the HEPAQuiet filter has a recommended life span of 1 year. This is a much more budget-friendly and convenient time frame than having to replace the filter every 6 months as is the recommended life span on the larger Blueair air purifiers.
  • Easy to use and maintain. This unit is so easy to use, just plug it in and turn the dial to low or high fan speed. No complicated controls or confusing settings. To keep this air purifier in tip top shape and performance change the filter annually and wipe down the exterior of the unit periodically to remove any dust and dirt that may have gathered on the unit. Changing the filter is fairly simple with just a few steps to follow; no tools or heavy lifting is required.
  • Built to last. All-metal construction makes this unit strong and durable, and will not off gas like plastic.
  • Small foot print & space saving design. The new compact design of the Blueair 103 is similar to a tower air purifier and is ideal for smaller areas where there is not a lot of extra room or available floor space for an air purifier. This air purifier can be set on carpet or bare floor and is also small enough to be set on a table top surface if desired.


  • No gas, chemical & odor filtration. This air cleaner only uses a particle filter and does not have any carbon or other filtration technology that would absorb or neutralize gases, chemicals and odors.
  • No pre-filter. With no pre-filter to catch larger particles such as dust clumps and hair, the main filter will catch all particles and debris which will reduce its potential life span as it will be prematurely dirtied by large particles that could have been captured by a pre-filter.
  • For a small room only. Though its coverage of 150 sq. ft. is pretty impressive for an air purifier of this size, it limits the effective use of this air purifier to a small room or for use as a personal space air cleaner.
  • No filter life indicator. The Blueair 103 is a simple air cleaner and does not come with any indicator to tell how long the filter has been in use and if it needs to be changed. It is up to the user to keep track of how long the filter has been in use and periodically check the filter to see if it looks as if it needs to be replaced. We recommend writing a date on the filter case to indicate when you first started using the filter.


The Blueair 103 air purifier has a highly efficient particle filter and is primarily for someone looking to remove airborne particles, such as those that cause irritation and allergic reactions, from their indoor environment. Taking into consideration its small foot print, quiet operation and recommended room coverage, it is the perfect air cleaner for a bedroom or office in an apartment or small condo with limited space. It would also make a great air purifier for a dorm room and could be used as a personal space air purifier in a cubicle or office. It is simple to use and budget-friendly to maintain and operate.

DISCONTINUED Blueair 103 Air Purifiers


DISCONTINUED Blueair 103 Air Purifiers

  • Size: 18.75"H x 10"D. 13 lbs.
  • Cleaning range: for rooms up to 150 sq. ft.
  • Fan speeds: 2
  • Controls: manual knob
  • Included Filter: 1 HEPAQuiet particle filter made of fine polypropylene fibers
  • Recommended for: general indoor air pollution control including dust, pollen, house dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria and viruses
  • Colors: Black

Technical Specifications of DISCONTINUED Blueair 103 Air Purifiers

  DISCONTINUED Blueair 103 Air Purifiers
Square Foot Coverage
Square Foot Coverage Up to 150 sq. ft. (10 ft x 15 ft room)
Energy Consumption
Energy Consumption 28 watts
Clean Air Density Rate (CADR)
Clean Air Density Rate (CADR) Smoke = 100
Dust = 120
Pollen = 110
Decibels 32 - 50 dB
Dimensions 18.75"H x 10"D
Weight 13 lbs
Finish / Color
Finish / Color Black
Housing Brushed aluminum all-metal housing
Preferred system for:
Preferred system for: Airborne particulates
Air purifiers pollutant removal capability (particulates .3 microns or larger)
Air purifiers pollutant removal capability (particulates .3 microns or larger) 99% filtration efficiency
Filters included
Filters included Internal ionizer and HEPAQuiet particle filter (made of fine polypropylene fibers)
UV - Ultraviolet germicidal light
UV - Ultraviolet germicidal light No
Avg. air filter life
Avg. air filter life 1 year
Fan Speeds
Fan Speeds Low and High
Intake and Outflow of air purifier
Intake and Outflow of air purifier In through top 3/4th, outflow through bottom 1/4th.
360 degree intake and outflow.
Air purifier control type
Air purifier control type Manual knob
Warranty Limited 5 year extended warranty

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