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Austin Air Purifiers

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Austin Air is a popular choice for an air purifier among our customer because they are a reliable, no frills, affordable but truly get the job done. Austin Air concentrates on the important essentials of an air purifier with first class grade HEPA filtration for allergen removal, and a large amount of high grade carbon for odor and gas control. Austin Air offer the Healthmate series for allergen control, the HEGA series for high efficiency gas absorption, and the Healthmate Plus series for those with multiple chemical sensitivities. The Austin Air Healthmate, HEGA and Heathmate Plus series are offered in Junior size for smaller rooms. Austin Air also offers two specialty machines, the Pet Machine designed for capturing pet dander and pet odors and the Bedroom Machine which combines HEPA, carbon and HEGA filtration technologies for the best all around air purification. Why Austin Air Gets Our 5-Star Rating!
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Austin Air air purifiers are extremely popular with both our staff and customers. They offer no nonsense, no frills approach to air purification but they put their money into what really counts. Very good gas and odor filtration and the air filtration effectiveness is above average. We still do not like that Austin Air combined their gas and HEPA filters as these filters degrade at a different pace than each other. Like AllerAir and Airpura their filters are more difficult to change requiring a screwdriver and turning the entire machine upside down. But none the less, for our customers with serious allergy problems they are high up on our air purifier manufacturer list.
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