Amaircare 10000 Whole House Air Purifiers - Continuous clean air circulation throught out your home

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The Amaircaire Models 6500, 8500 Replacement HEPA Filter Kit has been discontinued.

Amaircare whole house central air purifiers with hepa filtration and air filtration systems for entire home, office, helps clean and circulate air to control indoor pollutants and odors, dust mites, pollen, VOCs, chemical gas, allergies and asthma. Runs independently of central air handler system. Tri-HEPA design and odor control filters.

We think that whole house hepa air purifiers such as those offered by Amaircare, provide a base line of air purification for the entire home. Central air purifiers can be free standing, hung from a wall or ceiling, or can be ducted. One advantage is you no longer have room air purifier noise, since the central air purifier usually sits in a basement or utility closet. These systems contain three stage air filtration (Tri-HEPA design) and an odor control system for multiple-room air purification, and an optional heavy duty VOC cartridge. With the Amaircare whole house unit installed, the air is filtered through HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filters and put back into circulation continuously--24 hours a day/7days a week/365 days of the year regardless of the state of your central unit. That's because the Amaircare unit has its own blowers and operates independent of your central system's fan. They are best used in conjunction with a room air purifier in the bedroom.

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  • Has a home or office up to 4000 sq. ft. who needs clean air circulated throughout entire home, apartment, condo, summer home, office, commercial building
  • Wants very good air purification without the noise: since they normally sit in a basement or utility closet, the machine noise is greatly reduced if not eliminated in living areas
  • Wants to prevent chemical, dust-mite, and pollen allergies with the help of powerful HEPA central air filtration that doesn't produce ozone gas
  • Wants a way to remove VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) including chemical gases that comes from household chemicals and synthetic materials
  • Needs a filtration system that is flexible enough for ducted or non-ducted installation
  • Wants a HEPA air filtration system that can run independently of furnace operation
  • Wants to help prevent the condition known as Sick Building Syndrome, an effect of the build up of indoor air pollutants which can be reduced by HEPA air purification
  • Wants a way to clean outdoor air brought in by the H.R.V. (Heat Recovery Ventilator) or E.R.V. (Emergency Recovery Ventilator)

  • Provides high efficiency air filtration for areas up to 4000 sq ft with 375 sq ft of HEPA filtration for 99.7% removal of particulates .3 microns and larger
  • Easy to change filters - prefilter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter - with easy access cover panels, and simple fastening system
  • Durable metal cabinet protects internal filters and components
  • 3 stage air filtration (Tri-HEPA design) and odor control system for multiple-room air purification, and optional heavy duty VOC cartridge
  • Optional VOC cartridge to help reduce chemical gases
  • Variable air flow speed control: 75-1000 cfm/minute
  • Long lasting HEPA filter - lasts 2-5 years depending on use
  • No harmful by-products emitted such as ozone
  • Can run independently of furnace operation and can be installed ducted or non-ducted
The biggest advantage of these whole house air purifiers is the lack of noise, since a central air purifier usually sits in a basement or utility closet. These air purifiers are also important if you have multiple members of the household or office with allergies, so you need to have air purification in all rooms.

In our opinion central air purifiers are good for keeping the air generally clean and 'taking the edge off.' But, if you want a localized 'clean-room' type of air purifier, a good room air purifier will help you set up a much better environment. Of course, being able to keep the windows closed during allergy season is important and may require installation of air conditioning if you don't have it already.

If you have the money to spend, the ideal environment would be to have a three-prong approach:
  • Start with a good furnace filter
  • Install an Amaircare central air purifier (Central air purifiers must be installed by a qualified technician and local building codes must be followed)
  • Add a quiet room air purifier in rooms where you spend most of your time. This is usually the bedroom and possibly a home office or den.

Amaircaire Models 6500, 8500 Replacement HEPA Filter Kit

Amaircaire Models 6500, 8500 Replacement HEPA Filter Kit

Technical Specifications of Amaircaire Models 6500, 8500 Replacement HEPA Filter Kit

  Amaircaire Models 6500, 8500 Replacement HEPA Filter Kit

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Amaircare Model Optional VOC Canister Kit

For Amaircare Central HEPA systems models (6500,8500,10000). Replacement Volatile Organic Compound(VOC) filter kit contains 9 pre-filters and 3 VOC canisters each containing 7 lbs. of carbon to be used as a set. These cartridges remove dangerous chemical gases that come from household, workplace, building chemicals and synthetic materials.

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Warranty: 5 years limited on motor/fan; 1 year on filters

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