Aetrex Womens Compression Support Socks with Copper Sole™ Technology

Aetrex Copper Sole technology eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and odor. Womens knee high style Compression support socks. Sold by the pair.


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Copper Sole Womens Compression Support Socks - 1 Pair

Includes 1 pair. Knee high style. Black or Beige. Sizes small, medium or large.

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The healthiest and most comfortable compression support sock you will every wear! Aetrex Womens compression support socks are scientifically designed to apply decreasing pressure from the ankle up through the calf. As they work to reduce swelling and leg fatigue these unique socks also eliminate the growth of bacteria, fungi and odor, thanks to their Copper Sole™ Technology. This unique Copper Sole™ Technology is lab tested and clinically proven to help eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and odor in the sock, as well as improve skin texture and appearance. These socks also provide superior moisture control and unsurpassed comfort, performance and protection.

Aetrex Womens Compression Support Socks with Copper Sole™ Technology are ideal for someone who...

  • Is recovering from surgery and is experiencing swelling of the leg or ankles
  • Has moderate edema
  • Suffers from swollen legs or leg fatigue
  • Has poor foot or leg circulation
  • Has varicose veins
  • Has sensitive skin
  • Has sweaty feet
  • Suffers from smelly feet
  • Suffers from foot fungus

  • Knee high style womens compression support socks
  • Available in Black or Beige
  • Sizes Small, Medium or Large
  • Provides graduated compression from ankle to knee
  • Energizing action for day-long comfort
  • Improves foot and leg circulation
  • Helps reduce swelling and leg fatigue
  • Includes spandex to enable the sock to comfortably hug the foot and leg
  • Hand linked smooth toe seams for extra protection and comfort
  • Technologically advanced Moisture Guard™ wicking system keeps the foot healthy, cool and dry
  • Made with copper ion embedded CUPRON™ yarn to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and fungi growth in the sock
  • Copper fibers have been tested in FDA Certified Labs and human clinical trials with proven effectiveness
  • As the fiber wears, Copper ions regenerate, creating a permanent protective barrier for the life of the sock
  • Only Copper socks rejuvenate skin and improves texture and appearance
  • Copper is the only natural element that plays a vital role in collagen formation, a connective tissue in the skin
  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Often recommended for varicose veins, swollen legs, post surgery, and moderate edema

Colors: Black and Beige

How it works diagram

Machine wash warm with like colors. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry medium.
Materials: 87% nylon, 8% CUPRON polyester, 5% lycra-spandex

Made in the USA.


At this point, and after having used these socks for over a year, my husband and I have tried almost every sock in this manufacturer’s lineup and can heartily endorse them. We like them so much we threw out all our other socks, even ones which we had both only purchased recently. We had worn Thorlo socks which are hardly inexpensive, and these are a little more in price, but oh so worth it. There are several things that you notice from wearing these socks and our favorites are the nonbinding extra cushion crew. Firstly, the cushion is really nice and comfy and if you are like us, always on the go, the extra cushioning is very luxurious. Secondly, wearing these socks has eliminated an almost permanent itchy rash that my husband had around his feet and ankles, so he is now a real devotee of these socks and the nonbinding nature of the weave around the ankle area is so much better for his sensitive skin. The unique and anti bacterial nature of these socks has meant in my own case, that I do not suffer from nasty zits on the soles of my feet anymore. While my husband made the change to these socks in one fell swoop, I made the change more gradually. One day I walked into my massage therapist complaining of pain and swelling in my ankles (I was not wearing these socks) and he told me that the ankle part of my socks were gripping my legs too tightly and restricting blood flow. That was my final excuse for just dumping the rest of my sock wardrobe and I can honestly say that I have not been experiencing ankle pain since then. On my last visit to the massage therapist, he remarked on how much better my ankles were since changing socks and of course lack of ankle pain has improved my walking. I have also noticed that these socks are the most breathable in summer that I have ever experienced and truly wick away moisture. Also, as the person in our household who does the laundry, I can tell you that smelly socks are a thing of the past. (by Mercia Tapping, CEO/President)

Copper Sole Womens Compression Support Socks - 1 Pair


Copper Sole Womens Compression Support Socks - 1 Pair

  • Style: Knee high
  • Type: Compression/Support
  • Colors: Black or Beige
  • Sizes: Small, Medium or Large
  • Womens

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  Copper Sole Womens Compression Support Socks - 1 Pair

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Warranty: 30-Day Manufacturer's Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your socks you can exchange them for a replacement pair, or one of like value.
Please Note: this is not a refund policy.

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