Aerus Purest Pour 12-Cup Filtered Water Pitchers

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The Aerus Purest Pour 12-Cup Filtered Water Pitchers with four stage filtration offers safe, NSF certified drinking water for the whole family. Holds up to 12 cups of filtered water. Effectively removes lead, mercury, chlorine and more. Cleaner, Healthier, Tastier. Simply, great water.

Aerus Purest Pour 12-Cup Filtered Water Pitcher

Holds .75 gallons. Includes one 4-stage filter and LCD Meter. Replace filter every 40 gallons.

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The Aerus Purest Pour 12-cup water pitcher style filter offers clean, healthy and better tasting water for you and your family. Aerus's NSF 42 & 53 certified water filter removes 98.3 percent of chlorine, 92 percent of mercury and 95% of heavy metals such as lead. A four-stage filter eliminates large particulate with a micro net; heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, copper and mercury are removed by it's ion-exchange resin filter (IER); Chlorine, bad taste, odor as well as pesticides are removed by the silver activated carbon filter stage; lastly, the water then passes through a fine micro net filter for a final level of filtration. The Aerus Purest Pour provides you with safe water containing reduced levels of the most commonly found contaminants in drinking water. The Aerus water filter is not only easy to fill, it is easy to carry from the counter to the refrigerator to the dinner table. This water pitcher filter has a small footprint, allowing you optimal use of your refrigerator space. Filtered water is an excellent way to maintain your health for both drinking and for use with cleaning vegetables and cooking. You will taste the difference.
  • Wants to remove lead and other heavy metal contaminants from their drinking water
  • Wants to remove chlorine, chlorine taste and chlorine odor from their water
  • Desires an easy way to offer safe, great tasting water to their family

  • NSF 42 & 53 certified
  • BPA free materials
  • Filtered holding capacity: 12 cups
  • Estimated filter life: 40 gallons
  • Filters out:
    • Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, copper and cadmium
    • Chlorine and it's associated odor and taste
    • Natural discoloration and odor
  • In the box: 1 Orchid water filter pitcher, 1 water filter and 1 owners manual
Filters water effectively for up to 40 gallons before needing to be replaced.


USA: FDA/ NSF 42 and 53 (performance test)
UK standard of performance
Germany: Food contact and food quality mark
France:Food contact quality mark
European: CE, ROHS, EMC
Water is the foundation of life, without clean healthy water the world will be a very different environment. It's time to begin ensuring clean water is served to the people you love. Aerus Purest Pour water filters offer impressive filtration performance with longer-lasting filters than the competition's. For just a small investment, you can make the decision to improve your health by ensuring that common water contaminants are not ingested into your body. Your body is composed of 60% water; you surely prefer it to be clean? So ask yourself, what is in my water?


  • Filters last up to 40 gallons; a much greater filter life than the competition!
  • High capacity water filtration
  • Easy fill design
  • Easy pour design
  • Sits conveniently on refrigerator shelf
  • Built-in handles make transport easy from sink to shelf
  • Included LCD timer informs you when it is time to change filters


Water experts around the world but even here in the United States all agree that poor water quality is one of the biggest issues facing it's residents. The problem is that most people just assume that the water from the tap is safe. Unfortunately, we are hearing more and more stories about very serious drinking water problems where entire towns and cities are faced with unhealthy drinking water. Even our own White House has recently issued a warning about water quality; 'Increased risks of water-related illnesses. Runoff from more frequent and intense extreme precipitation events, and increased water temperatures, will increasingly compromise recreational waters, shellfish harvesting waters, and sources of drinking water, increasing risks of waterborne illness.' Awareness is certainly the first steps, but action is where you will make all the difference in the quality of your life. Aerus provides safe drinking water for your family with the most advanced portable water filters on the market. Isn't it time to invest in protecting your health?

Aerus Purest Pour 12-Cup Filtered Water Pitcher


Aerus Purest Pour 12-Cup Filtered Water Pitcher

Technical Specifications of Aerus Purest Pour 12-Cup Filtered Water Pitcher

  Aerus Purest Pour 12-Cup Filtered Water Pitcher
Purification technology
Purification technology Four stage filtration
Filter Media
Filter Media Pre-filter, Ion-Exchange Resin, Silver Activated Carbon, Post Filter
Capacity .75 gals
Certified Capacity
Certified Capacity .38 gallon
Filter Life
Filter Life approximately 40 gallons
Dimensions 9.44'D x 4.3'W x 11.02'H
Weight 1.9 lbs
Certifications FDA/ NSF 42 and 53
Warranty 90 days pitcher, 30 days filter cartridge

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