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The Royal-Pedic Natural Cotton Mattresses has been discontinued.

The Natural Organic Cotton Mattress features multiple layers of pristine, organic staple cotton padding that is free of chemical sprays and fire retardant. Doctors Note Required. Royal-Pedic Mattress are available in Twin,Twin XL, Full, Queen, Cal King, or Est. King. Box spring is not included.

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Royal-Pedic handcrafted, organic cotton mattresses are carefully constructed to offer you the best quality and most natural mattress available today to provide a healthy, restful sleeping experience. The Natural Organic Cotton Mattress features multiple layers of pristine, organic staple cotton padding that is free of chemical sprays and fire retardant. The layers of organic cotton padding surround Royal-Pedic's 630i innerspring system, and are supported by a 10oz. heavy duty organic cotton fabric to prevent the cotton from pocketing into the coils. This mattress is very firm and offers great orthopedic support. The overall height to the floor of a complete bed set is approximately 23'; 8' mattress, 7¾' box spring and optional 7 ¼' metal frame. This organic cotton mattress is very firm and we highly recommend the purchase of the 2' or 4' organic mattress topper for added comfort.

A doctor’s note is required for the purchase of this Royal-Pedic organic model because it does not contain any fire retardant or Wool Wrap (natural fire retardant) so it does not pass Federal fire standards. To avoid having to obtain a doctor’s note see one of our other organic mattress models, like the Royal-Pedic Natural Organic Cotton with Wool Wrap. View all of our Royal-Pedic Mattresses, Box Springs, Bed Sets, and Mattress Pads/Toppers.
  • Wants a very firm natural cotton mattress
  • Is sensitive to pesticides, chemical fertilization and dyes used in standard mattresses which can trigger allergic, respiratory, and chemical reactions
  • Has sensitivities to wool, latex, polyurethane foam, synthetic materials, or the emission of petrochemical vapors from chemically treated fibers
  • Wants a quality mattress that will last for years

  • Royal-Flex® 630i Innerspring System: engineered in Switzerland, the 630i innerspring unit contains approximately 68% more coils compared to the industry standard. The coils in the mattress are open ended, unknotted, six turn coils providing more flexibility, which means greater sensitivity to body contours, overall body support and relaxation. The innersprings are double heat tempered to provide greater durability and resistance to sag.
  • T-Spring Side Supports: are installed around the perimeter of the innerspring system to provide edge firmness and support. The T-Spring side supports are a strong and safe alternative to foam cylinders or wedges made from petrochemicals used in many mattresses.
  • Organic Cotton Padding: hand layered on each side of the innerspring unit to ensure a consistent, supportive sleeping surface. Organic cotton is free of flame retardants, chemical sprays and fertilizers, and does not emit the petrochemical vapors contained in polyurethane foam that can adversely affect a person’s health.
  • Organic Cotton Canvas Coil Protection: the layers of organic cotton padding are supported by our heavy duty, 10oz. 100% organic cotton canvas fabric to prevent the cotton from pocketing into the coils. In comparison, many brands of mattresses use a support pad that is comprised of ground up scraps of various synthetic scraps of materials that are glued to a nylon webbed backing.
  • Organic Cotton Cover: the inner organic cotton padding is encased in our 100% organic cotton ticking woven in the U.S. and Peru, which ventilates body heat, is free of chemicals, and is durable. In contrast, most brands of mattresses use shinny polyester fabrics that contain dangerous chemical flame retardant.
  • No Fire Retardant: this organic cotton mattress is not treated with any fire retardant nor does it have a wool wrap which acts as a natural fire retardant. A doctor's note is required to purchase this mattress since it does not pass Federal fire laws.
  • Hand Tufted: the mattress is hand tufted the old fashioned way with European tufting straps to further pre-compress the organic cotton padding for orthopedic back support. We do not use buttons to tuft our mattresses because buttons have a tendency to turn on their side creating an uncomfortable sleeping surface.
  • H-2 Organic Box Spring: provides firm, yet flexible support for comfort and longevity. The box spring is covered in the organic cotton fabric, and padded with a layering of organic cotton for added support for the underside of the mattress. Brass corner guards are installed on all corners, rather than the plastic ones that break off easily, and heavy duty organic cotton fabric is used on the underside of the box spring, instead of the thin synthetic sheeting that commonly droops and frays easily. 7 3/4' deep. (Included with the bed sets.)
  • Optional Organic Mattress Pads: since this mattress is very firm, we highly recommend the purchase of either the 2' or 4' Royal-Pedic Organic Pillowtop mattress pad for added cushioning, luxurious comfort, and additional pressure point relief to hips and shoulders for the ultimate in rest and relaxation. Sold separately below.
  • Optional Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame: good quality metal bed frame is 7' high and designed perfectly to hold a Royal-Pedic mattress and box spring set. Sold separately below.

T-Spring Side Supports

Mattress and Box Spring with 2\" Pillow top Mattress Pad

Mattress and Box Spring with 2\" Pillow top Mattress Pad

Royal-Pedic Natural Cotton Mattresses


Royal-Pedic Natural Cotton Mattresses

Technical Specifications of Royal-Pedic Natural Cotton Mattresses

  Royal-Pedic Natural Cotton Mattresses

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Size Mattresses Dimensions LxWxH (inches)
Twin 38 x 75 x 8
Twin XL 38 x 80 x 8
Full 53 x 75 x 8
Queen 60 x 80 x 8
Est. King 76 x 80 x 8
Cal King 72 x 84 x 8
*Box Spring is 7 ¾ ' deep, Metal Frame is 7 ¼' high. Total height with mattress box spring and frame = 23'.

Weight (lbs) Twin Twin XL Full Queen Cal./Est. King
Mattress 79 84 110 128 150
Mattress & Box Spring Set 154 164 219 256 308
Bed Frame 28 28 30 45 46
Pillowtop Pads 25 26 28 35 40

Warranty: Manufacturer warranties item against defects in both material and workmanship. 10 years for mattresses/boxsprings. 5 years for pillowtop pads.

Please Note: Custom orders are not returnable unless covered under the warranty.

Note: These are custom made. Please read our Royal-Pedic Shipping/Delivery/Installation Policy. Delivery and Installation is included in the price for the continental U.S. Additional shipping charges will be necessary for other locations.

Option: Removal and disposal of old mattress/boxspring is available for $100 per bed set. Please place a removal order using the last "order" button on this page for the service.

*Organic mattresses require a doctor's note. The mattress contains no flame-retardant chemicals. Please fax (276-466-4701) or send the doctor's note to after placing your order so we are able to finalize your order and schedule delivery.