4.5-inch Natural Latex Crib Mattresses

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The 4.5-inch Natural Latex Crib Mattress has been discontinued.

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Provide a natural environment free of synthetic chemicals for your baby by using our Natural Latex Crib Mattress. The Natural Latex Crib Mattress cradles your baby in comfort while providing natural postural support that will help your baby sleep restfully. These non innerspring crib mattresses are composed of an extra firm 4.5-inch natural latex core, a layering of pure natural wool and covered in organically grown cotton batting. The pure wool wrap acts as a natural fire barrier meeting the fire safety regulations without the use of toxic fire retardant chemicals that are dangerous and unhealthy for your baby's mental, physical, intellectual and social development and growth. Natural latex is also hypoallergenic, mold, mildew and dust mite resistant. Besides creating a natural and chemical free environment for your baby, the latex crib mattress is flexible which makes it easy to clean and change crib sheets.
  • Wants a baby crib mattress that is all natural and won't off gas and affect the baby's fragile respiratory system.
  • Prefers naturally safe nursery bedding - pure wool is naturally flame resistant vs. chemical flame retardants applied to conventional crib mattresses.
  • Wants an organic cotton crib mattress ticking that provides a soft, safe and healthy sleeping surface and won't irritate sensitive skin.

  • Natural Latex Core: 4.5-inch natural latex core is made using the Dunlop process and is 100% chemical free. Natural latex is hypoallergenic and conforms naturally to the weight and curves of the body, eliminating pressure points that cause tossing and turning.
  • Sleep Surface: quilted for a soft feel with firm support safe for newborns and comfortable and supportive for toddlers
  • Covering: soft 100% organic cotton damask for purity, comfort and breathability
  • Mattress filling: a 1/2-inch layer of organically grown and processed Wool batting lines the natural latex core
  • Naturally flame resistant: wool meets and exceeds Consumer Protection Safety Commission Fire Safety Standards no need for toxic or harmful chemical fire retardants
  • Wool naturally regulates temperature: wicking moisture away for a more restful sleep
  • Naturally Healthy: Wool naturally is resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew and bacteria that all can cause allergic reactions and disturb sleep
  • Hypoallergenic: the wool and cotton used in this mattress is tested to be 100% free of irritating chemicals and toxins found in many mattresses
  • Strong and Durable: mattress should last 10-20 years
  • Tested and Certified to be Chemical and Toxin Free: Mattress contains absolutely none of the following harmful substances that can be found in many common crib mattresses
    • Boric Acid - Cockroach killer and insecticide
    • PVCs
    • Formaldehyde
    • Arsenic
    • Antimony
    • Cadmium
    • Beef Tallow or petrochemical coatings
    • Dioxins
    • Benzene
    • Phenols
    • Boron
    • Toluene
    • Chemical flame retardants
    • Phthalates
Use sun and air to naturally freshen this mattress. Spot clean with a mixture of vinegar and water.
Our Crib Mattresses are made by one of the most dedicated, experienced and reliable manufacturers in the USA and world. From harvest to final manufacturer's inspection, the process and materials conform with and exceed US and European Union Organic Standards. Strict quality control of sources and stringent production methods assure consistent reliability and safety. Each mattress is hand crafted by trained and motivated crafters.

Pure 100% certified organic cotton: certified by the C.U.C. (formally SKAL), the cotton (used for the mattress ticking) is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides or other harmful or carcinogenic chemicals. The organic cotton mattress ticking has a high thread count providing softness and durability.

Organic Wool certified by the Oregon Tilth: is used for the mattress batting. It is quilted to the organic cotton cover to provide a firm surface and reduce risk of suffocation. Wool provides an all natural moisture and temperature control. It absorbs 30% of its own weight in moisture and keeps you warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. Its dry and porous nature keeps mildew, mold and dust mites out. Wool meets and exceeds the most stringent fire safety standards in the world. Wool provides cushion without excessive loft with a high compression recovery.

Natural Latex: is used for the mattress core. The latex is Dunlop processed, vegetable soap washed, no added preservatives such a artificial vanillin (petroleum based), 100% chemical free, and has been tested and complies with the criteria for the eco certificate. Natural Latex provides a hypoallergenic and resilient sleep surface for a healthy, comfortable, and safe sleep. It cradles your baby in comfort while providing natural postural support like only natural latex can do.

Most irritations caused by latex is due to the preservatives and chemicals used to process latex or make artificial tempurepedic type foams that cause allergic reactions and irritate chemical sensitivities.
In the past 50 years, many mattress manufacturers have cut costs by producing mattresses made out of polyurethane foam enclosed in vinyl covers. Synthetic mattresses can emit toxic fumes that can enter your child's respiratory system and bloodstream. For baby's new lungs and fragile immune systems - this is not recommended. Synthetic mattresses retain body heat and will raise the body temperature resulting in a lighter state of sleep.

The natural fiber crib mattresses we sell are the best we could find on the market to give your child the right start in life. Your baby will breathe more easily during sleep. The wool used in this mattress also insulates the body and draws moisture away from the baby to provide a deeper drier sleep in hot or cold weather. These mattresses provide your child with the most healthy, safe sleep available. Wool is a natural flame retardant and is also dust mite and mold resistant. This mattress and all its components are tested and certified to be toxin and chemical free!

4.5-inch Natural Latex Crib Mattress


4.5-inch Natural Latex Crib Mattress

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  4.5-inch Natural Latex Crib Mattress

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Crib Size: 28' x 52' x 5'
Please Note: Size can have a variance of 1/4" in length or width.
Warranty: 20 year limited warranty

Please Note: Opened bedding is not returnable unless covered under the warranty

Availability: Ships out in 2-3 days
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