Royal-Pedic Natural Pillowtop Mattress Pads - 2, 3 or 4 inch toppers

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Royal-Pedic Natural Pillowtop Mattress Pads are available in Twin Mattress, Twin XL Mattress, Full Mattress, Queen Mattress, Cal King Mattress, Est. King Mattress sizes.2', 3' or 4' Mattress Toppers by Royal Pedic.

Royal-Pedic Natural 2" Pillowtop Mattress Pads

1.5' natural latex layer surrounded by chemical-free French wool, and covered in organic cotton.

AVAILABILITY: Ships out within 10 business days

NOTE: All opened bedding products (i.e. pillows, pillow cases, comforters, sheets, encasings) cannot be returned.

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The Royal-Pedic Natural Pillowtop Mattress Pads are the perfect addition to a firm mattress for maximum comfort. They offer a soft, plush feeling even on very firm mattress such as the Royal-Pedic organic line.These pillowtop pads provide extra cushioning, luxurious comfort, and additional pressure point relief to the hips and shoulders for the ultimate in rest and relaxation. The organic cotton fabric is quilted with two thick layers of untreated French lambs wool for ventilation and added comfort. Underneath the quilting is a layer of the natural latex for the ultimate in cushioning and comfort. The pillowtop pad lies on top of the mattress and will not slip around due to its weight and outer cotton fabric, which won't slip against a cotton mattress. The fitted sheet or mattress encasing fits over both the pillowtop pad and the mattress itself, which also helps holds the pad in place.
  • Wants to soften a firm mattress, such as the Royal-Pedic Natural Organic line
  • Wants a mattress topper that offers comfort and support
  • Wants a chemical-free, natural mattress pad

  • Fit: The organic pillowtop pad lays right on top of the mattress. The mattress encasement, protector or pad, and fitted sheet fit over both the pillowtop pad and the mattress. The weight of the pillowtop pad as well as use of an encasement and fitted sheet help keep it in place.
  • Construction: a thick layer of natural latex is topped with a layering of French wool that is quilted to the organic cotton covering
  • Natural Latex: is harvested from sustainable rubber strict Oeko-Tek European environmental standards. Latex is naturally dust-mite repellent, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial.
  • Untreated French Wool: is sheered from wide open, pasture-grazed sheep in France, and is cleaned in a soap-based, chemical-free solution. Lamb's wool contains lanolin, which is a natural dust-mite repellent.
  • Organic Staple Cotton: from California, Texas, and Peru is grown without the use of pesticide sprays or chemical fertilization. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic and safe for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities.
  • Benefits:
    • Hypoallergenic and Anti-bacterial
    • Naturally dust mite repellent
    • Provides motionless comfort for undisturbed sleep
    • Designed for 'breathability' with an open cell structure and special 'pin-core' construction which allows for ventilation of body heat
    • Improved circulation due to the inherent suppleness of latex
    • It soothes and relaxes muscles, while still providing proper support for the body
  • Advantages of a Separate Pillowtop Pad Over a Pad Sewn on Both Sides of the Mattress:
    • The pillowtop pad offers closer to normal bed height
    • Fitted sheets pull on easier
    • Your underlying mattress will last longer
    • You can remove the pad when rotating the mattress, or just rotate the pad as well which is easier and less weight to move

Royal-Pedic Natural 2" Pillowtop Mattress Pads


Royal-Pedic Natural 2" Pillowtop Mattress Pads

  • A great choice for those that want maximum mattress firmness with a bit of added surface softness for comfort and pressure point relief
  • 2 inches thick with knife edge construction
  • 1.5' layer of all natural latex surrounded by chemical-free French wool quilted to the organic cotton cover

Technical Specifications of Royal-Pedic Natural 2" Pillowtop Mattress Pads

  Royal-Pedic Natural 2" Pillowtop Mattress Pads

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Size Dimensions LxW (inches) Weight of 2' pad (lbs) Weight of 4' pad (lbs)
Twin 38 x 75 25 50
Twin XL 38 x 80 25 50
Full 53 x 75 28 60
Queen 60 x 80 35 74
Est. King 76 x 80 40 84
Cal King 72 x 84 40 84

Please Note: These pads are custom made. Please read our Royal-Pedic Shipping/Delivery/Installation Option.

Warranty: 5 years for pillowtop pads. Manufacturer warranties item against defects in both material and workmanship.

Please Note: Custom orders are not returnable unless covered under the warranty.

Availability: Mattress pads are custom made and take about 5-7 business days to make. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks after beds are made.