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Zadro Sunlight 365 Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light

Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light
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Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Sunlight Therapy Desktop Lights

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As an alternative we suggest the Portable Litebook Elite.

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Description of Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light

The Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Desktop Sunlight Supplement System with clock is a small device emitting blue light. The emitted spectrum of blue light is very close to the same wavelengths of natural sunlight and tricks our minds into believing it is sunny and in turn enhances our mood. The Sunlight 365 can assist with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) by re-balancing serotonin and melatonin levels. Its small, lightweight and portable design makes it ideal for bedside or desktop use. For optimal results, use the Sunlight 365 therapy light in the early morning for 30-60 minutes.

Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light are ideal for someone who...
  • Wants to have a piece of sunlight at their desk
  • Suffers from symptoms of SAD
  • Lives in a "not-so-sunny" location and needs a sunlight supplement system
  • Wants a safe, drug-free way to enhance mood

Features of Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light

  • Produces a specific spectrum of blue light that mimics natural sunlight
  • 10,000 Lux of light produced from 35 Blue LED bulbs
  • LED bulbs are energy efficient and should last 30-60 years depending on usage
  • Does not produce harmful UV rays
  • Helps re-balance melatonin & serotonin levels
  • Helps restore natural circadian rhythm
  • Helps treat winter blues and symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Portable size is easy to travel with
  • Natural and safe to use
  • Adjustment of light intensity from 10% -100%
  • Countdown timer
  • Programmable
  • Digital clock with LED backlight
  • AC power adapter and carry pouch included

Product Usage:
  • Use as early as possible in the morning
  • Daily Use: 30-60 minutes
  • Place at an arms distance away
  • Do not let this light treatment interrupt your normal activities
  • Glance at the light occasionally during each session (do not stare directly at it)
  • Static discharge can temporarily affect the electronic function. Reset to resume normal operation.


Reports by Experts - Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com


  • Small and compact so you can always find a place for it on a messy desk and it can easily be carried in a pocket or bag
  • Very portable with a built-in stand that folds into the unit for convenience
  • Adjustable light intensity is very useful to custom fit the light to your particular need and preference
  • LCD clock is easy to read and has a back-light function
  • Timer lets you know how long you have been exposed to the light, which is helpful to make sure you get adequate exposure to the light for full blue light therapy benefits
  • Replicates the effects of natural sunlight to help you feel happy and awake
  • LED bulbs have a long life span of 30-60 yrs (they will probably last longer than the actual device)


  • Battery-back up runs clock only (light requires AC power to run)
  • The stand is a little flimsy and will most-likely break easily. In contrast, it does however hold the light up quiet sturdily.
  • To see the benefits of blue light therapy you need to use the light for 30 to 60 minutes a day, preferable in the mornings and it can take a couple of days or more to see a difference. (Read the directions so you get the placement of the light correct. Proper usage makes a difference!)


What a great little light. I use this at my desk all winter long and on rainy days, which are frequent in New England. I have found that as long as I have this little light by my side the gray days no longer get the best of me. Using this light I can remain productive in the early morning and in the afternoon (after I eat) which are the times of day when I usually feel my energy levels plummet and the tired eyes set in. I am not really sure how, but this light has helped. When I first looked at the light I though there was no way it could produce 10,000 LUX of light (the same LUX rating as a light box) but when I turned it on at 100% boy is it bright. I personally love that it is adjustable in brightness because I find it much more tolerable and less distracting when I use it at 50% brightness. On really dark wintry days I will use it at a higher level for the added boost. I had put the light away for the winter and just pulled it back out as the days start to get shorter and I noticed that I can not re-set the clock. It just times my usage. I am not sure if this is a defect in my particular light or if I am not setting it correctly (I will admit I lost my manual!) This minor set back does not hinder my opinion of the light though because I am surrounded by clocks from the computer screen to my office phone to my cell phone! Who really needs another clock anyways? I want this product for its convenient and AFFORDABLE blue light therapy. One more thing, though the light is super portable, the light will not run on battery power so do not lose or forget the AC adapter!


Technical Specifications of Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light

Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light
Zadro Sunlight 365 Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light
Agency Listing UL Listed
Lamp Color Silver
Weight of Lamps 3.3 oz.
Type of bulb 35 Blue LED bulbs
Bulb duration 30-60 years depending on hours of use/day
Lamp Dimensions 2.5"W x 5"H x 0.75"D
Lux rating 10,000 lux
Light switch Push button controls on lamp
Light Intensity Variable from 10%-100%


Notes regarding Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Sunlight Therapy Desktop Light

Warranty: 90 day limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Availability: Usually ships out in 2-3 days




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