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Fleece wool massage table pad

Fleece Wool Massage Table Pads & Face Pads
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Wool Massage Table Pads and Wool Face Pads

Fleece wool massage table pads are made from 100% American virgin wool. A wool mattress pad is great for allergy sufferers, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and arthritis relief, ideal for massage table pads and equipment.

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Description of the Wool massage facial pads and massage table covers

Make the massage experience even more relaxing and rejuvenating with the added softness and comfort of wool table and face pads. Made of 100% American virgin wool, these massage table pads and face pads are breathable, help prevent growth of mold or mildew on massage tables, and are machine washable and dryable. These are a luxurious "must have" for those with a massage business, and will give clients another reason to return.

the Wool massage facial pads and massage table covers are ideal for someone who...
  • Wants to discourage growth of mold and mildew on their massage table - pure 100% American virgin wool wicks moisture away
  • Has a massage business or is a massage therapist and would like to give their clients ultimate comfort with a fleece massage table pad - an essential addition to massage equipment
  • Wants a fleece massage table pad that responds to fluctuating body temperatures, no matter what the season
  • Would like washable face covers for their massage table

Features of the Wool massage facial pads and massage table covers

  • Maintains springiness - Deep pile, American virgin wool has natural loft, even more so than it's foreign competitors due to a higher degree of crimp for a given diameter of fiber, which will add to the life of these lambs wool massage table pads.
  • Natural thermostat - Wool has the ability to handle temperature and moisture since it can absorb moisture and still feel dry in the summer which is great for sweaty clients, and can insulate in the winter to help keep a consistent body temperature.
  • Relieves joint and back pressure - Thanks to a naturally curly structure of wool, body weight is supported evenly by the massage table cover.
  • Sanitized with Ultra-Fresh - A fabric treatment registered and EPA approved for domestic fabrics that is and anti-microbial that fights against mold and mildew; it also repels all wool-eating insects, and stays locked in the wool fiber to withstand washing and will last the life of the anti-allergen massage table cover; there is also evidence that Ultra-Fresh repels dust mites.
  • Natural deodorizer - Lanolin is a naturally occurring substance in wool which prevents the massage table pad from absorbing odors.
  • Flame resistant - Wool is the only natural fiber that naturally resists flaming because of its high nitrogen and moisture content, which makes the massage table pad flame retardant.

Care of:
All wool massage table pad and face pads are machine wash cold and machine dry cool or line dry, which is especially convenient for busy massage offices.

Craftsmanship of:
These super soft Elite and Imperial style wool massage facial and table pads are made of 100% lambswool. Massage table pad measures 30" x 73". Please measure your table before ordering to ensure it will fit. The crimp of the fibers remains intact, so the pads stay lofty and resist compression, unlike most competitors’massage table pads. Elite wool massage table pads are 1 ½" pile, 65 oz. wool per linear yard; Imperial massage table pads- are 1¼" pile, 55 oz. Both are machine washable. Click to enlarge Snugstraps


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Notes regarding the Wool massage facial pads and massage table covers

Also available as mattress covers.

Warranty: 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Please Note: Opened bedding is not returnable unless covered under the warranty.

Availability: Usually ships out in 1-3 business days.




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