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WhiteWing Steam Cleaner

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Best Steam Cleaner for Price
by: Danny D (Worcester, MA)

"I'm not much of a clean freak but once I got this and started using it around the house I realized how much dirt was lingering around. Dirt and grime that never got removed by all the chemicals I previously used. Furthermore it removed them all with only steam from water.

As for price, you..."
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WhiteWing Steam Cleaners

This WhiteWing Steam Cleaner has been Discontinued. As an alternative we recommend the WhiteWing Breeze.


WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner - Standard Package
2 ext. wands, window kit, 2 vapor nozzles, triangular + rect. brush, 1 med. nylon, 3 small nylon & 3 brass brushes, 6 towels, 2 year total warranty

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WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner - Deluxe Package
Includes standard accessories plus 1 extension wand, 1qt. vapormate cleaner, 9 piece bonnet, 2 year total warranty

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WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner - Supreme Package
Includes standard accessories plus 1 ext. wand, 1qt. & 1gal. Vapormate, 9-piece bonnet, accessory bag, 8-piece brush kit, 2 year total warranty

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Description of WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner

The WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner is surprisingly affordable and offers unrivaled value for your money. Make no mistake; this is no cheaply made steam cleaner as seen in infomercials. This workhorse handles tough cleaning tasks such as grout, tile floors, counter tops, upholstery, carpet stains and much more. The WhiteWing steam cleaner comes with a very extensive standard tool package of well-made tools that are built to last. Imagine healthy cleaning with pure 285°F steam with no toxic fumes from supermarket chemicals.

For those looking for a more compact and affordable version of the WhiteWing steamer, please see the WhiteWing II steam cleaner.

Features of WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner

  • Mid range residential steam cleaner
  • Pressure gauge for maintaining the ideal steam level
  • Includes high grade accessory set for multiple uses
  • Reservoir-based steam cleaner with durable aluminum boiler
  • Low water indicator light with automatic shut-off
  • Interior copper tubing and brass threaded fittings
  • Metal, epoxy enamel coated casing
  • Bumper guard around center of body
  • Detachable 8' steam hose for easy storage
  • Sturdy caster wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Safety on/off trigger on handle
  • Safety cap
  • Optional trolley cart available

WhiteWing steam cleaner control panel

Product Usage:
WhiteWing Steam Cleaner Uses
  • Destroys germs, viruses, dust mites, molds, fungi, and bacteria
  • Removes grease, ground-in dirt and spots: better than solvents
  • Removes soap scum and mildew: from bathrooms, tiles and fixtures
  • Degreases: kitchen floors, counters and appliances
  • Cleans and freshens: carpets, upholstery drapes and blinds
    Click here on info about using vapor steam cleaners for carpet cleaning
  • Sanitizes: nurseries and pet areas
  • Deodorizes: steam cleaning removes odors such as mildew
  • Adds sparkle: to windows and glass
  • Details: cars, boats and RVs
  • Quickly cleans: sealed hardwood floors and other flat floor surfaces in less time
  • Reaches hard to clean areas: including cracks, corners and crevices
  • Dissolves and emulsifies: calcium, grease and more
  • Endless possibilities: vapor steam cleaning is also particularly effective in kitchen, sinks, wrinkled clothes, dirty walls, removing wallpaper, cleaning windows and screens, automobile interiors and tires, golf clubs, removing deposits and stains, defrosting refrigerators and much more


Reports by Experts - WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com
1. Steam Quality - Temperature, Pressure & Dryness
2. Quality of Accessories & Easy To Put On and Takeoff
3. Ability to Maintain Dry Steam and Pressure
4. Quality of Boiler & Overall Machine Construction
5. Tank Capacity & Length of Cleaning Time Per Tankfull
6. Heat Up Time
7. Ability To Regulate Steam – Quantity of Adjustment Levels & Location (on the handle or unit)
8. Length of Power Cord, Hose & Overall Operating Radius
9. Maneuverability & Ease of Use
10. Safety Features
11. Manufacturer's Credibility Including Return Policy & Warranty
12. Value For the Price

Good things come in small packages, or at least they do in the WhiteWing. When our product research team finished evaluating the WhiteWing they looked at each other and said, "who is going to believe that such a great steam cleaner is so inexpensive?" The team had a hard time finding anything wrong with it at all, and the secret is as much on the inside as outside.

This WhiteWing vapor steam cleaner is, comparatively speaking, an entry level to mid range machine in the market. Our remarks are tempered by the fact that you cannot expect this machine to perform at quite the same level of effectiveness as one costing several hundred dollars more in price. In the vapor steam product range, increased price means a definite increase in performance, warranty length, steam temperature, quality of attachments and boiler.


    The number of good things about the WhiteWing are impressive to say the least.

  • Durability and Quality of Construction:
    • Metal, epoxy enamel coated casing: This metal and enamel finish will add to its durability over the years.
    • Enclosed circuit board: if any moisture gets into this machine, it will not short out.
    • Copper tubing and brass threaded fittings: The interior connections of the WhiteWing steam cleaner are copper tubing and brass threaded fittings instead of the more usual rubber. Rubber breaks down or rots over time.
    • Commercial grade attachments: are exactly the same as have been used by the manufacturer in their commercial grade steam cleaners with success over many years. We were impressed with the range and quality of attachments offered in the standard package for such an inexpensive machine. We missed a couple of our favorite attachments from higher end machines but make no mistake - this little machine has a good array of attachments and can pretty much tackle anything you throw at it.
    • Good quality aluminum boiler with a heating plate. While stainless steel will heat up faster, it is usually quite thin in the cheaper machines, and if stainless steel gets pitted because of minerals in the water, it can become susceptible to pinholes and leaks. If you cannot afford the top of the line in stainless steel boilers, this is a good alternative.
  • Value: There is no doubt in our minds that the WhiteWing steam cleaner offers extraordinary value and has the quality of a machine that is usually considerably more expensive.
  • Weight: One of the objections we have had about a number of steam cleaners, is that in order to find performance, you need to use a machine that is either quite heavy or bulky. The WhiteWing weighs in at 14.5lbs without water and is the lightest weight steam cleaner we sell, but still packs in the performance.
  • Safety: There is an on-off trigger on the handle which is an excellent safety feature, so you will not accidentally leave the steam running. In the unlikely circumstance of excess pressure the safety cap allows a valve to release pressure through the cap, so the steam would not harm the operator of the machine. There is a pressure gauge which has a red zone for when the pressure is too high. A number of inexpensive machines skimp on including a pressure gauge, which we find invaluable. The steam cleaner will shut itself off automatically when the water level becomes too low and the machine needs refilling.
  • Chemical Free Cleaning: For most home applications, one of the biggest advantages of steam cleaners is chemical free cleaning. However, in some circumstances where the use of chemicals become a necessity, spraying lightly with a natural cleaning agent, then following up with steam, will reduce the use of chemicals and enhance their effectiveness.
  • Effective in cleaning a variety of surfaces, including what appear to be hard surfaces, because the "hard" surface is actually porous, and the steam will pull the dirt out of the material such as a kitchen counter top.
  • Household cleaning tasks where we found the WhiteWing to Sing: We decided to use distilled water, which is preferable but not essential, but found that the steam smelled better and came out hotter by doing so.
    • Faster going over carpets to kill dust mites: The WhiteWing has a cover included for its large floor brush, which made going over carpets to kill dust mites to be much faster and more effective than if one had used just a towel over the bristles.
    • Half normal speed on mattresses to kill dust mites: We used the large triangular brush covered with a towel over mattresses at half normal speed to kill dust mites. This process MUST be followed up by vacuuming the mattress (we recommend using a HEPA vacuum).
    • Terrific on hardwood floors: We sprayed a little Murphy's Oil Soap onto our hardwood floors and found that in combination with steam, this does a terrific job. We also sprayed some Murphy's onto the towel of the large triangular brush and were impressed by the results.
    • Cleaning white grout: We used our small 1" round nylon nozzle brush for white grout (the brass one would turn it black!) and were favorably impressed by the results. We found you can do a slightly less thorough, but quicker cleaning by tilting the large triangle brush to one side as an alternative to the round 1" nylon brush. This method appeared to clean more square footage faster.
    • Oven Cleaning: Ovens are a problem in our household, so we used the 1-inch round brass brush attached to the one hold nozzle on medium steam pressure, and steamed over the entire oven surface slowly, inside and out. All the baked in food and grease came up after several strokes. It's important to always move slowly to allow heat to break away residue that has stuck to the oven's surface. We were careful not to scrub heavily as warned in the owner's manual, so that we didn't damage the enamel inside the oven.
    • Killing Mold: Steam cleaning with high temperatures can kill mold, but some molds have a hard coat over the spore and are particularly resistant to destruction. We used the WhiteWing on mold on a ceiling by using the large rectangular brush with 1 towel. Since we had latex paint on our ceiling, we followed the owner's manual by using the nozzle about 5" off the ceiling to presteam the moldy spots, then wiped gently with a towel, and that worked well. For really persistent mold, the use of some diluted bleach in 1:4 parts water, sprayed on the infected area and immediately followed up by hot steam, usually does the trick. A surgical mask is recommended if you need to go this far.


  • Needs refilling every 2 hours: If you are a fan of continuous fill machines or are one of those people who will clean for 4 or 5 hours straight, then you might prefer a continuous fill machine. If you are like most people, two hours of house cleaning is quite enough, and the water lasts that long without refilling.
  • Pressure drops on long sustained cleaning tasks: The WhiteWing retained optimal steam pressure just fine on shorter intermittent cleaning tasks but on a long sustained cleaning job on a really filthy floor where we needed to be like the Energizer Bunny and keep going and going, the WhiteWing lost its pressure quite quickly on a medium setting, and we had to back off and wait for the pressure to build up again. This was annoying. The workaround is to use the WhiteWing on low pressure and the machine will sustain itself, but for this particular nasty task, we would have preferred a machine with a bit more "oomph".
  • Wetter Steam: The WhiteWing runs wetter than some of our top of the line steam cleaners, but a quick workaround to this is to increase the thickness of the toweling on the attachments until there is minimal wetness on the surface just cleaned. We were disappointed with the performance of the window tool even on low steam volume. It left too much water residue. However, a quick wipe with a microfiber towel finished the job.
  • Requires safety cap and cool down period: As fans of continuous fill steam cleaners, it took some getting used to needing to use a safety cap again, which necessitates leaving the machine to cool down for about 20 to 30 minutes before opening up the safety cap in order to refill or empty out. Even so, the steam that comes out when you open up the cap for the first time can be a bit disconcerting and you definitely need to be careful as you do it.
  • Aluminum boiler: A good quality aluminum boiler, as found in the WhiteWing, is better than cheap stainless steel. Nevertheless, high grade stainless steel would be our boiler material of choice for a premium machine. Stainless steel heats up faster and retains its heat better as a general rule. To get that grade of stainless steel, you usually have to pay over $1000 for the steam cleaner.
  • Filling: Filling up the machine with a squeeze bottle is tedious, but can be accelerated if you squeeze the bottle vigorously. We decided to bypass the bottle squeeze method by filling the bottle but just emptying it straight into the machine.
  • Lack of filler pads: Currently there are no "filler pads" for the WhiteWing. These pads, supplied in higher end machines, fit inside the brushes for a hotter more even heat.
  • Thin towels: The towels supplied with the machine could be thicker and more plentiful. We recommend making a quick trip to your local hardware store.
  • Lack of handle controls for steam pressures: Controlling steam pressure is on the main body of the machine - not the handle. It is also counter intuitive as it increases counter-clockwise, which took some getting used to. Handle controls are an extra convenience found in much more expensive machines.
  • Even though the WhiteWing is great for spot cleaning on carpets we do not recommend using it solely for cleaning the entire carpet in a room. If you are seeking a machine to mainly clean carpets we recommend one of our carpet cleaners.


The WhiteWing is an incredible value for the money. It is one of our lightest steam cleaners that we carry, very durable with good quality parts and has plenty of safety features built into the machine. A very large variety of high quality steam cleaner tools are included with the standard package.

If you are just getting into steam cleaning for the first time, the WhiteWing is a respectable choice at a price which will not do damage to your pocket book. They are not suitable for those people who wish to do many hours of serious heavy duty steam cleaning tasks on a regular basis.


Technical Specifications of WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner

WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner - Standard Package
White Wing 70
Boiler Temperature 285°F
Tip Temperature 220°F
Operating Pressure 60 psi, 3 - 4.5 bar
Continuous Refill No
Pressure Gauge Yes
Tank Capacity 2 liters
Heat up time 10-15 minutes
Operating Time Up to 2 hours
Hose length 8'
Power Cord Length 13'
Boiler Construction High grade aluminum alloy
Wattage & Power Consumption 1400W, 12.9 amps, 120V
Dimensions 12"W x 11"D x 11"H
Weight (without water): 14.5 lbs
Warranty 1-year manufacturers limited warranty


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Customer Reviews Write a review  
Overall Rating:

Written By: Danny D (Worcester, MA)
I have used this product for: 3-6 months
Expertise: novice
This product is: the first product I have had like this
Best Steam Cleaner for Price Date: October 05, 2010
Pros: high quality, effective, reliable, easy to use, lowest priced real steam cleaner anywhere
I'm not much of a clean freak but once I got this and started using it around the house I realized how much dirt was lingering around. Dirt and grime that never got removed by all the chemicals I prev... (see entire review)
7 of 7 people found this review helpful.
Overall Rating:

Written By: Richard Gerardi, May 2003 (New England)
I have used this product for: over 5 years
Expertise: expert
This product is: the first product I have had like this
Cleaning My House Date: September 07, 2010
Pros: high quality, effective, easy to use, met my expectations
I had fun rampaging through the house last night with the new WhiteWing steam cleaner. I spent about 4 hours while my roommate occasionally watched me in hysterics. Boys with toys ya know.

M... (see entire review)
8 of 8 people found this review helpful.
Overall Rating:

Written By: Happy GM (Wheaton, IL)
I have used this product for: 6-12 months
Expertise: expert
This product is: a replacement for another, similar product
GREAT Machine Date: February 26, 2014
Pros: high quality, effective, reliable, easy to use, met my expectations
I purchased this machine for my Residential cleaning company that I own. It is great! Does everything that it says in the description. Would definitely recommend and will be buying another one in the ... (see entire review)
Overall Rating:

Written By: Michelle (Florida)
I have used this product for: 2-5 years
Expertise: beginner
This product is: the first product I have had like this
4 years ago I bought this machine Date: November 15, 2013
Pros: high quality, effective, quiet, reliable, easy to use, met my expectations
I love it. It eats grime and dirt. Best kitchen cleaner ever. I haven't purchased any cleaning products since this purchase except for bleach for the toilets....this was my first purchase removing tox... (see entire review)
Overall Rating:

Written By: rph1
I have used this product for: 2-5 years
Expertise: intermediate
This product is: the first product I have had like this
dissapointing qualty and performance Date: June 08, 2013
Pros: quiet, easy to use
Cons: low quality, unreliable, did not meet my expectations , inferior heating element
i purchased this product just over 2 years ago. I have used it maybe 6 times. In the beginning i found it useful and effective for my needs. now the heating element is going out and the max psi lessen... (see entire review)
Overall Rating:

Written By: ahswizard
I have used this product for: 3-6 months
Expertise: novice
This product is: the first product I have had like this
almost perfect Date: November 19, 2012
Pros: high quality, easy to use, light weight
Bought this unit after much internet time. I called to get so extra information. The person I talked to couldn't have been better. She answered all my questions and also gave me helpful hints to ma... (see entire review)
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White Wing 70
WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner - Standard Package AK VS WWING  $699.95
Standard accessories included: 6 cotton towels, 8-foot hose, 2 extension wands (16 ¾" each), window tool kit, vapor nozzle (with one hole), 3-way directional vapor nozzle, large triangular brush, small 3-way triangular brush, medium 3-way round nylon brush, large rectangular brush with carpet protector, 3 small round brass brushes, 3 small round nylon brushes, Instructional WhiteWing vapor steam cleaner DVD and owner's manual, filler bottle, funnel.

Availability: Out of stock
Out of Stock

White Wing 70
WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner - Deluxe Package AK VS WWINGD  $749.95
Deluxe Package consists of all the accessories that comes with the standard package along with the 1 extra year warranty, plus one extra extension wand for a total of three, one quart of the all purpose vapormate cleaner, and the nine piece bonnet kit (4- 12 inch bonnets & 5- 9 inch bonnets).

Note: This purchase entitles the customer to a total of 2 years warranty coverage for the WhiteWing Steamer.

Availability: Out of stock
Out of Stock

White Wing 70
WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner - Supreme Package AK VS WWINGS  $799.95

Availability: Out of stock

Out of Stock

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