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TZ 17K Portable Air Conditioners
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Commercial Air Conditioners - TZ 17K Portable Air Conditioning

Portable air conditioning with TZ 17K air conditioners. Buy industrial, commercial, air conditioning units, equipment, and portable air conditioners which can serve as cooling systems. Air conditioner ratings, reviews and comparisons. Reports on industrial and commercial air conditioning units by consumer experts.

Commercial Air Conditioner - TZ 17K Portable
Covers up to 500 sq. ft.

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Ceiling Discharge Kit for TZ 17K and 42K Portable Air Conditioners
Availability: Ships out within 2 - 5 business days.

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Description of TZ 17K Portable Air Conditioners

These powerful 17,600 BTU industrial air conditioners are portable, have easy to use manual knob thermostat controls, and can be moved around easily thanks to 4 heavy duty casters. Portable air conditioners are designed to spot cool industrial, commercial, institutional, and construction sites in areas that always seem to stay warm, even with central air conditioning. Consider these units for staff and equipment cooling emergencies, hospitals, schools, HVAC support during rehab, and computer rooms.

It is easiest to purchase several ceiling discharge kits with the industrial ac unit, which allows for quick placement of the air conditioner in various places in need of cooling. Because these units sit indoors, they are not exposed to damp conditions which can breed mold and mildew inside traditional window air conditioners. Portable industrial air conditioners can be ducted with many supply and return configurations if needed.

TZ 17K Portable Air Conditioners are ideal for someone who...
  • Would like portable commercial air conditioning unit that puts out 17,600 BTUs to cool a 500 sq. ft. area (sq. ft. can vary based upon ceiling height, number of people in room, etc).
  • Needs supplemental cooling because the central air conditioning in offices, hospitals, schools, etc. does not effectively cool the upper floors or far corners.
  • Wants effective commercial air conditioners for "spot cooling" overheated areas within large buildings (meeting rooms, classrooms), or for outdoor special events.
  • Needs commercial air conditioning during planned events such as plant turnarounds, production processing and retooling.
  • Can use inexpensive insurance in the event of emergency overloads or shutdowns - portable air conditioning units offer a quick way to cool equipment, processes and staff.
  • Requires air conditioners for computer and telecommunication rooms—independent of buildings HVAC system.
  • Needs industrial air conditioners to support permanent HVAC systems during rehab and retro-fit operations.
  • Has awkward sized windows that standard size window air conditioners cannot accommodate.
  • Wants to avoid the expense of buying several permanent-mounting window air conditioners.
  • Does not want to destroy the paint or woodwork around a window with an air conditioning unit that must be secured with nails - especially important if residing in a rented space.
  • Prefers a warranty when purchasing an air conditioner - these units carry a 1-year warranty; 3-year for compressor.

Features of TZ 17K Portable Air Conditioners

  • Versatile and can handle virtually any application
  • 17,600 BTUs of power
  • Designed to spot cool industrial, commercial, institutional, and construction sites
  • Just plug in and run - no special wiring or electrical requirements are needed for these air conditioners
  • Can be ducted if necessary with many supply and return configurations
  • Enjoy a 1-year warranty on air conditioners and accessories, and 3-years on the compressor
  • optional ceiling discharge kit which includes a ceiling panel, a 14" flexible duct, mounting collar, and truss-head screws.
  • This kit allows condenser-air from the air conditioners to be vented to the plenum area above a suspended ceiling.
  • Easy to use temperature control system on these air conditioners with manual knobs - set the desired temperature by simply rotating the WARMER/COOLER dial either left or right.
  • Certified electrically sound and stable ac units - ETL listed to UL 484.
  • Costs less to operate these air conditioners since they draw the least amount of amperage on a per-ton basis when compared to other portable air conditioning units.
  • Easy front access water removal bucket- 5 gallon, polyethylene condensate tank collects evaporator-coil condensate moisture which sits in front of air conditioner unit and makes for easy access.
  • Tank full light with auto-shutoff - when full, the tank full light goes on, and the air conditioner turns off - simply remove, drain, replace tank and restart.
  • Freeze protection control - turns the compressor off to prevent damage to air conditioner when the coil inside ac unit freezes.
  • Easy to clean air filters - all TZ air conditioners have 2 removable, washable, aluminum-mesh air filters (one evaporator air filter, and one condenser air filter) that can be placed in a dishwasher, or soaked in warm water and detergent for 10 minutes, then dried and placed back inside the units.
  • Quiet cooling - operates at office-acceptable sound levels with the lowest decibel level for portable air conditioners in this range thanks to backward-inclined plenum evaporator and condenser fans - only portable air conditioner line that uses these fans.
  • Effective cooling - performs at a wide range of temperatures and altitudes year after year with a thermostatic-expansion valve, not found in ordinary air conditioners.
  • Efficient cooling - these air conditioners need no special electrical requirements since all are single phase.
  • Quick cooling - sets up in minutes and cools a wide variety of environments.
  • Portable and convenient - with 4 heavy-duty 2-inch casters, these air conditioners roll easily, and are compact enough to fit through doorways as small as 32-inches wide.
  • Rugged design - holds up in harsh environments thanks to galvanized steel exterior protected with a power-coated, polyester finish.
  • Minimum maintenance required - clear instructions are provided in owners manual.

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Reports by Experts - TZ 17K Portable Air Conditioners

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com


  • Highest energy efficiency rating and highest operating limit (110°F) among all TZ models we carry.
  • Easy to access large capacity condensate tank - condensate tank located in the front of the air conditioner uses auto-shut-off when tank is full, and easy access panel for emptying tank is appreciated.
  • Very versatile positioning for air conditioners - ability to use as free-standing cooling systems or to place outside room and duct air where needed - also ability to set up many supply and return configurations to promote air conditioning efficiency.
  • Easy to change and washable air filters - 2 filters included for return air are easily accessible, washable, and dishwasher safe.
  • Simple temperature controls with manual knob to set warmer or cooler, and flip switch for automatic or continuous fan.
  • Easy to move - these air conditioners have 4 heavy-duty, sturdy casters that will last.
  • Well built - completely self-contained air conditioner housing within an insulated cabinet of galvanized steel.
  • Flexible temperature control - capacity of air conditioners to cool down to 65°F.
  • On-site repair - the TZ portable air conditioners are easily serviced with removable side panels providing access from all sides.
  • 1-year limited warranty under normal use and service (air conditioner must be installed by a qualified air conditioning contractor for warranty to take effect).


  • May need 20 amp wiring to prevent blowing fuses while multiple appliances in addition to the air conditioner are running.


Technical Specifications of TZ 17K Portable Air Conditioners

Commercial Air Conditioner - TZ 17K Portable
Air Conditioner Controls Manual programming
Max. Room Size (8 ft. ceiling) 500 sq. ft.
Air Conditioner Thermostat 65°F - 110°F (operating limits)
BTU per hr Cooling 17,600 BTUs
Condensation Removal 5 gallon tank, front access panel
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) 12.8
Air Conditioners Fan Speeds 1 - choose from automatic or manual-fan operation
Refrigerant Freon R22 (32 oz)
Air Conditioner Compressor Hermetic Rotary
Metering Device TX Valve
Recommended Circuit Amps 15.0
Evaporator and Condenser Fan Type Backward - inclined
Evaporator Air Flow, Free Discharge 600 cfm
Condenser Air Flow (max) 1000 cfm
Insulation Kit Included No - but cabinet housing is insulated
Timer None
Ventilation Hose Length 14" diameter flexible duct - stretches to max length of 8 ft.
(Sold separately below - Ceiling Duct Kit)
Power Supply for Air Conditioners 115V, 60Hz, 1 phase, 15 amps
Electrical ratings based on UL 484
Power and Current Consumption 1.4kW, 12 amps
Power Supply Rating conditions: 95°F at 60% RH
Dimensions 29" x 28" x 41"
AC Shipping Net Weight 232 lbs ac unit net weight
286 lbs shipping weight


Accessories for TZ 17K Portable Air Conditioners

Ceiling Discharge Kit for TZ 17K and 42K Portable Air Conditioners TZ AC PCK3  $479.95
Includes a ceiling panel, a 14" diameter flexible duct with length of up to 8 ft. max., mounting collar, and truss-head screws. This kit allows condenser-air from the air conditioners to be vented to the plenum area above a suspended ceiling.

Availability: Ships out within 2 - 5 business days.


Notes regarding TZ 17K Portable Air Conditioners

Actual cooling capacity & cooling area vary depending on room temperature, humidity, insulation, window size, etc.

Warranty: Unit and accessory carry a 1 year warranty; Compressor - 3 years.
Air Conditioners must be installed by qualified air conditioning contractor for ac unit to be covered by warranty.

Please Note: this item is not returnable. Exchange only as covered under warranty.

Availability: Air conditioners usually ship from the warehouse within 2-5 days.


Commercial Air Conditioner - TZ 17K Portable TZ AC P17K  $4699.95
Portable air conditioners for commercial and industrial use with manual knob temp control air conditioning with 17,600 btu per hr

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