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Total Humidity Controller
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Total Humidity Controller

The total humidity controller can be switched between humidify and dehumidify for removing unwanted indoor moisture, or to add needed moisture to the air by humidification. Powers certain Ebac dehumidifiers automatically to control humidity in a room.

Total Humidity Controller
Accurately control the relative humidity in a room automatically by powering dehumidifiers & humidifiers on and off to maintain the desired humidity.

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Description of The Total Humidity Controller

Control humidity automatically and accurately with the Total Humidity Controller. The THC can be switched between humidify and dehumidify for removing unwanted atmospheric moisture accumulating within an enclosed area or to add needed moisture to the air by means of humidification. The THC-1 humidity switch controls humidity equipment by providing power when humidity varies from the adjustable set point.

Features of The Total Humidity Controller

    Dehumidifying mode
    High humidity conditions will activate fans or other dehumidifying apparatus until level drops approximately 7% in relative humidity. At this point, dehumidifying equipment is disabled until humidity increases again 7%.

    Humidifying mode
    This control operates fogging or other humidifying equipment by activating switches, motors, valves or pumps. Humidifiers can be precisely controlled according to atmospheric humidity to create ideal conditions for any environment. The 110V outlet receptacle receives power and turns the humidifier on when the humidity in a room drops lower than your preset minimum allowable humidity percentage.

How it Works:
  • The total humidity controller utilizes a duplex cord-cap which provides a combination plug and receptacle power cord design. Insert plug into 110V wall outlet and plug dehumidifier or humidifier into the piggy back receptacle.
  • Power usage: switches 120V at 15 amp maximum; sensor allows a 7% (differential) comfort zone between "on" and "off" functions.
Total Humidity Controller
Basic set-up to use for humidification control.
Could also be used with a misting system.
Total Humidity Controller
Basic operation to exhaust excess humidity.
Could also be controlling a dehumidifier.


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Notes regarding The Total Humidity Controller

Note: If your humidifier or dehumidifier already has a humidity control, turn the dehumidifier or humidifier to it's full on position and set the humidity dial to the "continuous" setting if available, or the highest level setting available. Then, set the humidity controller to the desired humidity level.

Warranty: Has a one year warranty from time of purchase.


Total Humidity Controller GA DE HC1  $189.95
Humidity controller will accurately control the relative humidity in a room (choose between 20% to 70% in 5% increments) automatically by connecting to dehumidifiers or humidifiers, and powering these units on and off to maintain the desired humidity in a room.
Please Note: Your humidity goal should be 40-50%, and in most cases, the lowest humidity level reached will be 40%. If your unit already has an adjustable humidistat, turn it to the continuous setting if available, or to its highest (driest) setting.

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