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SafeHome Furnace Filters – Chemical, gas, odor and allergen filtration!

The SafeHome Furnace Filters not only filter out allergens but also tackle formaldehyde, VOCs, ozone, and other chemicals commonly found in homes, especially new homes. These filters are an ideal choice for households with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferers. SafeHome Filters offer a highly effective and affordable way to capture up to 95% of common household allergens and eliminate odors from pets, cooking, paint, etc. with high density activated carbon and advanced compounds to trap harmful gases that can trigger asthma or allergies.

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Safe Home Duo Furnace Filters
$39.95 and up
  • Efficiency: MERV 8
  • Type: 1" disposable
  • Sizes: 11 choices
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Safe Home Duo 4 Deep Furnace Filters
$99.95 and up
  • Efficiency: MERV 7
  • Type: 4" disposable
  • Sizes: 4 choices
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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