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SafeHome Duo Furnace Filters – Chemical, gas, odor and allergen filtration!

Disposable 1 inch furnace filter for the filtration of allergens, chemicals, odors and gases. TheSafeHome Duo furnace filter features a blend of activated carbon to capture harmful gases that cause allergies, asthma and other long term health problems. MERV 8 filter rating. Ratings and Reviews.

SafeHome Duo Furnace Filters
Includes 1 SafeHome Duo Furnace Filter. Pre and post allergen filtration. Carbon filter for chemicals, gases and odors. Replace every 3 mo. Details

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Description of SafeHome Duo Furnace Filters

The SafeHome Duo Furnace Filters not only filter out allergens but also tackle formaldehyde, VOCs, ozone, and other chemicals commonly found in homes, especially new homes. These filters would be an ideal choice for households with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferers. The SafeHome Duo not only works differently than most disposable 1" furnace filters, but is also designed differently. It features a polyester pre-filter to trap particles and allergens, a chemical filter to trap fumes and chemicals, a steel inner frame for dependability and rigidity, a polyester post filter to provide a final air cleaning and self-sealing edges to prevent air bypass. This unique filter design provides 95% effective particulate removal and whisper quiet operation. Replace every 3 months. Variety of sizes available.

SafeHome Duo Furnace Filters are ideal for someone who...

  • Wants an easy way to filter allergens, chemicals and odors in the air in your home
  • Suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • Lives in a humid location
  • Has a shop and wants to remove fumes from paint, varnish and other finishes

Features of SafeHome Duo Furnace Filters

  • Highly effective, easy and affordable solution for removing hazardous gases, chemicals and allergens from the air in your home
  • Captures allergy and asthma triggering gases such as ozone and formaldehyde that pass through even the best pleated allergen filters
  • Can improve indoor air quality by over 90% with consistent use (a study on a 2 year old home found both chemicals and allergens were reduced by more than 90% over two months with the air handler fan on "auto".)
  • Patent-pending design couples high quality particulate filtration with industrial gas and odor filtration
  • Uses the same materials protecting critical environments in leading hospitals
  • Chemical filter includes activated carbon and potassium permanganate based FormaldaSorb™ to trap gases, odors and chemicals including formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and ozone
  • Polyester pre and post filters traps particulates and allergens
  • MERV 8 allergen filter rating with a 95% average allergen removal
  • Steel inner frame provides dependability and rigidity
  • Self-sealing edges that prevents air bypass
  • Filter materials are unaffected by humidity which ruins other pleated filters
  • Fits most standard 1" filter slots in air handler or furnace systems
  • Easy to install – no tools or equipment needed
  • Disposable - recommended replacement after 3 months

How it Works:

The Duo slides into your furnace filter slot like an ordinary filter. Fold the excess material around the filter's internal frame to slide it in and then tuck the remainder in so you can place the cover over the filter slot. This excess material helps seal the edges where the filter fits into the equipment and keeps air from going around the filter through gaps. Air should enter the white side, which traps allergens, and exit through the dark side, which traps gases and odors.

Care of:

Replace filter every 3 months. More frequent changes may be necessary due to a wide variety of circumstances that increase particulate and chemical pollutants, including the following:
  • Pets
  • High amounts of dust
  • Painting or renovations
  • Sanding
  • High levels of outdoor pollution
  • Burning candles or using air deodorizers

Product Usage:

Many furnace filters only remove particles which only address one aspect of indoor air pollution. Gas levels inside our homes continue to rise due to the combination of sealing our homes for energy efficiency and modern materials used in everyday items, including furniture that emit formaldehyde and cleaning agents that emit volatile organic compounds such as benzene, a know carcinogen. Allergy and asthma symptoms, as well as long term health problems, are often caused or triggered by these common gases. Unhealthy levels of contaminates in our homes have cause the US EPA to rank the air in our homes as a greater health threat than outdoor pollution and water contamination. Since we spend most of our lives indoors, which are now more polluted than outdoors, it is necessary to address the removal of gases and chemicals from our indoor environment. A SafeHome filter is an effective, easy and affordable solution for removing chemicals, gases and allergens from the air inside your home. Designed for use in filter slots in air handlers or furnaces which typically allow for only one 1" filter.

To maximize the air cleaning efficiency of your whole house furnace filter it is recommended your HVAC system run as much as possible since no air cleaning occurs when it is off. Most experts agree a minimum run time of 8 to 12 hours daily is necessary to clean the air in your home (depending on air quality). Without the use of the AirCycler HVAC controller, your only choice to achieve this recommended run time is to switch your system to auto fan and it will run 24/7 or take the chance your heating or cooling demands will meet the 8 to 12 hour run time. By using the AirCycler controller you can choose the minutes each hour to run the fan regardless of your home's heating and cooling demands. Since the AirCycler can independently control the HVAC system's fan, you can set it to turn on every 20 to 30 minutes each hour to meet the recommended 8 to 12 hour run time. This saves you money and allows you to get efficient air cleaning from your furnace filter. AirCyler sold separately below.


Reports by Experts - SafeHome Duo Furnace Filters

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com


Available sizes

Standard Sizes
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*Other Size Available by Request Only
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Actual dimensions (inches) of filters are slightly smaller than stated


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