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Nu-Flame Irradia Decorative Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces

The Irradia fireplace is a lovely accent on any table, in any setting. This handsome tabletop fireplace burns bio-ethanol fuel and features a polished stainless steel base and tempered glass panels that encase the flames. Free Shipping. Read customer and expert ratings and reviews.

Irradia Tabletop Glass Bio-Fuel Fireplace
Contemporary, rectangular indoor/outdoor tabletop bio-ethanol fuel fireplace. Stainless steel/tempered glass. Details

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Description of Nu-Flame Irradia Decorative Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces

A brushed stainless steel burner floats between two tempered glass panels making this a perfect centerpiece. A ribbon of fire that dances and drifts producing an almost hypnotic appearance. This tabletop bio-fireplace may be used indoors or out, but should always be brought inside for storage. Relax, unwind and warm up as you watch the flames. Includes a flame dampener tool.

Nu-Flame Irradia Decorative Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces are ideal for someone who...

  • Suffers from allergies or asthma and cannot be subjected to smoke or soot associated with typical fireplaces
  • Enjoys the ambiance of dancing flames in a fireplace
  • Looking to improve the comfort of their home
  • Prefers using an ethanol fueled fireplace supplemental heat

Features of Nu-Flame Irradia Decorative Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces

  • Designed for tabletop placement
  • Features a polished stainless steel base with stunning tempered glass
  • Fueled by the renewable, environmentally friendly, bio-ethanol fuel
  • The combustion of bio-ethanol fuel results in a clean emission: Heat, Steam and Carbon Dioxide; no smoke or soot
  • Offers a .8-Liter capacity burner for ethanol
  • Includes a snuffer tool for extinguishing flames
  • Easy to move from location to location, indoors and outdoors
  • Designed to be used indoors or outdoor
  • Fuel not included


Reports by Experts - Nu-Flame Irradia Decorative Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces

Expert Review:    Courtesy of

1. Heating Efficiency
2. Room Coverage
3. Noise Rating
4. Energy Consumption
5. Ease of Operation
7. Quality of Construction: Air-tight design, no off-gassing
8. Heat Distribution
9. Manufacturer's Credibility, Warranty & Return Policy
10. Value for Price


  • Creates a beautiful ambiance in any location
  • Does not require electricity
  • Utilizes a cost effective, renewable bio-ethanol fuel
  • Is safe for the allergy and asthma sufferer
  • Does not create smoke, soot and thus there is no need for a chimney
  • Will warm a room anywhere from 1 to 4 degrees depending upon size


Often sold in museum stores, the Irradia fireplace will serve as an exquisite piece of art on any table in your home. Each filling of it's environmentally-friendly bio-ethanol fuel will provide several hours of burn time; perfect for a relaxed dinner or cocktail party. These portable fireplaces aren't just elegantly designed pieces of art, they are also a practical device to have in the event of a power failure. It will emit just enough heat to warm those sitting around the table and ultimately the whole room.


Technical Specifications of Nu-Flame Irradia Decorative Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces

Irradia Tabletop Glass Bio-Fuel Fireplace
Nu-Flame Irradia Ethanol Fireplace
Model Irradia
Technology Bio-ethanol fuel
Dimensions 4.3"D x 13.8"W x 11.8"H
Weight 6 lbs.


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Accessories for Nu-Flame Irradia Decorative Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces

Nu-Flame Liquid Ethanol Fuel 12 Pack
Includes twelve 1-liter bottles of Nu-Flame liquid bio-ethanol fuel for use with ethanol fueled fireplaces. 2.5-4 hours burn time per quart.

Availability: Out of stock
N1 HE FU12
Out of Stock