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Indoor Pool & Spa Dehumidifiers

Our Spa and Indoor Pool dehumidifiers are very rugged and geared to remove excess moisture in indoor pool/spa areas, aerobic rooms, workout areas, or locker and laundry rooms. Without effective dehumidification in these types of areas, you risk mold, corrosion, structural damage and an uncomfortable humid environment. These workhorse dehumidifiers will control uncomfortable moisture, foggy windows, soggy wood and drywall and mold growth even in the most challenging of environments. View our complete selection of dehumidifiers.

Call our Dehumidifier Hotline toll-free 1-866-627-4605 7-days a week EST to speak with one of our product specialists.

Information you need before selecting a Pool Dehumidifier:

Before you call us, please gather the following information:

1. The cubic feet of the room (length times the width times the height).

2. The average air temperature, in your pool room

3. The average water temperature in your pool

5. The surface area of the pool which is the (length times the width), and whether or not it is covered when not in use.

6. We recommend calling our product specialists for assistance in choosing the correct dehumidifier for your pool or spa.

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