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HAAN Steam Mops

Haan steam mops incorporate cutting-edge technology, easy maneuverability and powerful 212°F heat for quick, chemical-free cleaning in your home. These lightweight and ergonomic steam mops kill germs, dust mites, mold and bacteria from all types of floors such as hardwood, ceramic and laminate. Choose from a variety of colors and models. Haan steam mops and their other steam cleaning products are meant to suit the consumer who wants lightweight, chemical free steam cleaning for specific purposes. Many of our customers use a steam mop in addition to a more fully featured home steam cleaner.

We no longer carry Haan Steam Mops but please see our other top brand steam mops here.

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HAAN MF Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads - Pink
$11.95 and up
Multilayer design ensures superior absorbency, keeping your floors dry. Set of 2 or 4 Pink Pads for FS-20, FS-30 and FS-50 Steam Mop models.
HAAN FS-20 Short Handle Attachment
Short handle attachment for cleaning and sanitizing countertops, mattresses, bedding, furniture and tight areas. For FS-20 Steam Mop models only.

HAAN RMF Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads - Blue
Multilayer design ensures superior absorbency, keeping your floors dry and streak free. Set of 4 Blue pads for SI-35 Steam Mop and MS-30 Steam Cleaner models.


HAAN RMF Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads - Pink
Multilayer design ensures superior absorbency, keeping your floors dry. Set of 2 Pink pads for SI-35 Steam Mop, SV-60 Steam Vacuum and MS-30 Steam Cleaner models.

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Haan steam mops are made in Korea where the company has captured the lion’s share of the steam mop and other steam cleaning products. Their focus is to produce mass market steam products, as well made as possible for the price constraints. While not the first to market, they have popularized the steam mop and produce a mop which is great for kitchen pickups and general cleaning. However, the steam in their mops is not hot enough and is lacking the tools needed to tackle the very worst kinds of floor cleaning problems. However, our testing team has found that the Haan steam mops do a very credible job on dried pet vomit, and sticky dried spills on both wood and kitchen and urine on bathroom floors- which is what most consumers want a steam mop to handle.

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