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DISCONTINUED Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier
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by: Teng (Philippines)

"I don't really know if you can call this a review since we just purchased this product 2 days ago and we are testing it at the moment. In an instant, our bedroom smells so clean and it feels very clean too. All the foul odors that we smell every now and then has turned into very clean smelling air. ..."
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Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier - Replacement filters

The Germ Guardian FLT6000 replacement filter has been discontinued.

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Description of Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier

We're sorry, the Germ Guardian Hygia AC6000 Air Purifier has been discontinued.

Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier are ideal for someone who...
  • Would like a choice of fan speeds including quiet for bedtime, turbo for quick cleaning and automatic that will adjust to the condition of the air.
  • Needs to remove not only allergens, but gases, chemicals and odors from a room up to 144 sq. ft.
  • Is looking for a complete air cleaning solution.
  • Would like a user friendly air purifier that has a remote control and indicators to tell when filters need to be replaced or cleaned.

Features of Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier

  • Multiple stages of filtration: With five filters which are easily accessed for cleaning and replacing, the Hygia 6.0 captures airborne particles along with harmful chemicals, gases and odors.
  • Pre-Filter: The first of the five filter, the pre-filter effectively captures large particles such as dust, lint and pet hair. Wash every 2-3 months.
  • Charcoal Filter: Activated carbon absorbs odors and smoke particle. Replace every 6-12 months.
  • HEPA Filter: The true HEPA filter captures 99.9% of airborne particles including dust mites, debris, mold spores, pollen and pet dander. Replace every 6-12 months.
  • PCO Filter: The Photo-Catalytic Oxidation filter is coated with Titanium Dioxide which is activated by the UV light to neutralize gases, chemicals and odors and decompose airborne bacteria, viruses and mold. Wash every 2-3 months.
  • UV Light Tube: The UV-A light acts as the light source for the PCO filter to activate the Titanium Dioxide. The UV bulb should only be replaced by a qualified technician when needed. UV bulb should last 1-3 years depending on use.
  • Easy to use Controls: Choice of push button controls on the unit or remote control to power on and off or adjust fan speeds and timer settings.
  • Indicator Lights: Convenient indicator lights let you know when it is time to clean or replace a filter.
  • Dust Sensor: This unit is equipped with a dust sensor that analyses the air quality in your home by detecting dust, smoke, pollen and small particles.
  • Fan Settings: 5 fan speed settings include quiet, low, high, turbo and Auto which will automatically select the fan speed according the to air quality indicated by the dust sensor.
  • Timer: Four timer settings allow the air purifier to run in 1,2,4, and 8 hour intervals.

    Hygia 6.0 Filter Diagram

    • Pre-filter (1) - for larger particles like pet hair and lint
    • Charcoal Filter (2) - removes odors, including smoke
    • HEPA Filter (3) - captures 99.9% of allergens
    • PCO Filter (4) - destroys micro-organisms such as bacteria and mold
    • UV Light Tube (5) – activates the Titanium Dioxide on the PCO filter
    • Ionizer (6) - emits small amounts of negative ions to enhance the cleaning process (We tested it and it does NOT produce Ozone)


Reports by Experts - Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com


  • Perfectly designed and air tight, the filters neatly stack one behind the other, making cleaning or changing a filter ridiculously easy, just a matter of seconds and no screw drivers involved.
  • The control panel was intuitive, and there was no need for a manual to understand what was going on even for the most technology challenged among us.
  • The remote control is a nice touch for turning the fan up or down if you are bedridden or otherwise incapacitated. .
  • We were fascinated when we tested the optional automatic fan setting and watched this smart machine self adjust up or down ,according to whatever odors or allergens we threw in front of it!
  • There was just the right amount of fan settings [4] to allow you to manually adjust the setting down for bedtime or up for power cleaning, but all in all ,we preferred the "don't think about it" auto setting.
  • Want a lightweight air purifier to carry around from room to room? Even our most wimpy testers did not mind picking this machine up and moving it around because it had a nice built in handle.
  • We were more than relieved to see that the unit had a safety shut off when we removed its front panel, making it ideal to use around kids.


  • Efficiency comes at a price, so due to the number of filters, maintenance includes the cleaning of 2 filters, replacement of 2 filters and the UV bulb tube overtime.
  • As with all air purifiers turbo speed is noisy. We would recommend this setting only when you are not in the room for a power cleaning.
  • This air purifier is really exceptional, so we were disappointed that as yet it does not come in larger space models, but we are sure that they will be coming.


We would have liked this air purifier to have covered a slightly larger area for its price point, and the multiple filter replacement cost will certainly cost some dollars every year. That being said, everything about this Swedish precision engineered air purifier reeks of quality and got high marks from us. We test many air purifiers and it takes a lot to impress our team. So our final word? A technologically superior, light weight machine ideal for small spaces. Whether it is odors, gases or plain old allergens, the Hygia 6.0 is a serious little machine, doing Titan work when you need it the most.


Technical Specifications of Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier

Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier
Germ Guardian Air Purifiers
Square Foot Coverage 144 sq. ft.
Clean Air Density Rate (CADR) Smoke: 95
Pollen: 129
Rated Air Flow of Fan Quiet Setting: 45.7
Low Setting: 72.2
Medium Setting: 93.8
Turbo Setting: 122.0
Decibels Quiet Setting: 42.8
Low Setting: 47.9
Medium Setting: 52.6
Turbo Setting: 57.7
Dimensions 15"W x 8"D x 20"H
Weight 15 lbs.
Finish / Color Grey
Housing Plastic
Filters included Pre-filter, Carbon filter, True HEPA filter, PCO filter, UV light tube
Fan Speeds 4 Setting quiet - turbo plus automatic
Indicators Dust sensor and filter change indicator


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Written By: Teng (Philippines)
I have used this product for: less than a month
Expertise: beginner
This product is: the first product I have had like this
New Owner Date: March 09, 2009
Pros: high quality, quiet, easy to use, met my expectations
I don't really know if you can call this a review since we just purchased this product 2 days ago and we are testing it at the moment. In an instant, our bedroom smells so clean and it feels very clea... (see entire review)
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Notes regarding Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier

Warranty: 2 year limited warranty.

Availability: Ships out in 2-3 business days.


Other Options

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  • Cleans: 186 sq. ft.
  • Decibels: N/A
  • Warranty: 3 yrs.
  • AHAM Certified




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