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Electrolux Versatility Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner EL8502A

DISCONTINUED Electrolux Versatility EL8502D Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Customer: 4.5/5
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Very nice!
by: Drayph

"I bought this for myself and tried it out only once. After I got started and finished, I found myself "looking" for more stuff to clean!!! It's a bit heavy, however not too heavy, but this is minor compared to the ease of use vacuuming the floor. Other pluses are the easy use of the onboard attachme..."
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Electrolux Versatility EL8502D Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaners

This item has been discontinued.

For an alternative choice please see our available Upright Vacuums.

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Description of Electrolux Versatility EL8502D Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaners

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Electrolux Versatility EL8502D Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaners are ideal for someone who...
  • Wants a versatile vacuum fully equipped for easy cleaning floor to ceiling.
  • Wants an affordable upright vacuum.
  • Does not want to deal with replacement bags.

Features of Electrolux Versatility EL8502D Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaners

  • Powerful: 12 amp motor provides a powerful, deep clean of carpets and upholstery
  • Dual Cyclonic Filtration System has two different filter chambers, one to capture dirt, hair and debris and a second to filter out fine dust, providing excellent filtration for maximum performance
  • Anti-odor HEPA Filtration: the carbon enhanced HEPA filter has the ability to capture 99.97% of pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and mold and the carbon works to reduce odors releasing only fresh air back into the room (extra filter included in box!)
  • Bagless Convenience: dust cup easily empties at the bottom without a mess and no more bags to buy!
  • Versatile: with an ergonomic handle, telescopic wand, 12 ft. stretch hose, and onboard tools this vacuum quickly and easily transforms to handle all your cleaning needs
  • Quick Transitions: the quick release buckle frees the telescopic wand allowing the vacuum to go from carpets to off floor cleaning in 1 simple step and with all the accessory tools stored onboard you are ready to clean any surface
  • Onboard Handheld Turbo brush: stored on the front of the vacuum, the @hand handheld turbo brush is always within reach and makes cleaning stairs and upholstery quick and easy – also good for removing pet hair!
  • Retractable Dust Brush: is integrated onto the telescopic wand, just slide it down to use and slide it back up to store safely and neatly when not in use
  • Onboard Crevice Tool: is neatly stored on the side of the vacuum and always in reach
  • 14 ft. Extended Reach: the quick-release wand and stretch hose allow you to easily move when cleaning off the floor
  • High and Low Cleaning Capability: telescopic wand easily allows access to cleaning window panes, ceiling corners, baseboards and other hard to reach areas
  • Powerhead: features a 13" cleaning path, motorized brush roll and edge cleaning bristles
  • Bumper Guards: the powerhead and the large wheels are wrapped in soft rubber to protect the vacuum and your floors, walls and furniture
  • Electronic Indicators: located on the powerhead indicate if the brush roll is on for carpets or off for bare floors

Electrolux Versatility Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner EL8502A

Back view - controls, onboard tools
Electrolux Versatility Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner EL8502A

Easy access to filters and dust bin
Electrolux Versatility Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner EL8502A

Onboard Handheld Turbo brush


Reports by Experts - Electrolux Versatility EL8502D Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com
1. Filtration Efficiency
2. Cleaning Power and Effectiveness
3. Easy to Use Controls
4. Noise Level
5. Maneuverability
6. Ease of Assembly & Attaching and Removing Parts and Accessories
7. Quality of Floor Tools
8. Quality of Accessory Tools
9. Quality of Dust BagsN/A
10. Durability
11. Cleaning Radius
12. Warranty
13. Value for Price


  • This vacuum is bagless which saves you from having to buy replacement bags!
  • Very easy to remove and empty dirt container and access filter.
  • Dirt container empties by just the push of the button. It is best to empty the dust bin outside as it is a messy job.
  • Strong suction power removes embedded dirt and leaves carpet looking fluffy and new.
  • Long stretch hose and telescopic wand made it easy to clean furniture, curtains and ceiling corners.
  • Sturdy vacuum design keeps the vacuum from tipping over while using the hose and wand to do above floor cleaning.
  • Wand has a dusting brush attached so it is always right there when you need it.
  • Handheld turbo brush is included and stored onboard for convenience.
  • Tools are all very easy to put on and take off and all are neatly kept onboard in integrated holding spots.
  • Push button controls for carpet, power-off and hard floors are located in a very convenient spot and make transitioning from carpet to hard floor cleaning a breeze.
  • The vacuum is easy to operate and had a good turning radius and lays down flat to get under coffee tables or anything that is at least 4" off the ground.
  • Handy indicator lights. I liked the blue glow of the indicator that showed the vacuum was plugged in. It also shows if you have the brush roll on for carpets or off for hard floors and a red indicator that says "check brush roll" if it stops working.
  • Warranty has been increased from 1 year to 5 years!


  • Large and heavy: If you vacuumed for a long time your arm would be tired. It also will require significant closet space for storage.
  • Harder to use on high pile carpet like shag: I was a little disappointed to discover that the powerhead did not easily accommodate my shag rug. It was more difficult to push when cleaning my shag and loop pile rugs. When I got onto the short, cut pile carpeting it moved like the wind.
  • No headlight means you can't see in dark corners or under furniture.
  • As with most air-driven handheld turbo brushes, the brush roll spins fast and aggressively until contact is made which slows it down or can even stop the brush rotation if pressed too hard.


When I took this vacuum out of the box there were a number of things I noticed. First was that I really liked the look of it, but it was big. I could tell this was a vacuum cleaner made for someone who wanted a serious cleaning machine, not for someone who wanted a quick pick-up here or there. The vacuum was basically ready to use straight out of the box, all I had to do was snap the handle in place and plug it in. I started with my rugs and enjoyed that the vacuum was self-propelled when the brush roller was on. It was a joy to use on my thick, but short cut pile rug but when I moved onto my shag rug I realized the brush roll didn’t adjust in height which required a bit more push and pull from my end. However, when I was done cleaning the shag it looked revitalized. Thank you strong suction. Next I tried out the tools which are all so conveniently stored onboard and are very easy to connect to the quick release wand. The crevice tool was a little shorter than I would like, but still did an effective job at cleaning corners and getting into the cracks of the couches. What I found most impressive is the dust brush is integrated onto the wand and you just slide it down the wand when you want to use it, and slide it back up when done. This feature paired with the long reach hose and quick release wand actually inspired me to clean the ceiling corners and my curtains! Wow. Next up was the turbo brush. The handheld turbo brush powered up like it could clean-up all the pet hair in the world, but once I made contact with the couch it reminded me it was just like most other air-driven turbo brushes and slowed to a stop when pushed on the couch. The key with an air-driven turbo brush is to run it lightly along the furniture, this way the brush roll will continue to rotate. It did remove the dust nicely and I would assume it would be sufficient for pet hair (I do not have cats and my dog has short, coarse hair and doesn’t really shed). With the mention of pets, I will say I was pleasantly surprised that despite this vacuum's size and power, it was a lot quieter than I expected and it was more the size than the sound that made my dog run and watch from a safe distance. In conclusion, I was generally pleased with the Electrolux Versatility and though it may not be the ideal vacuum for me in a small apartment, it would be perfect for a large home with lots of carpets. It is definitely a whole lot of vacuum at one great low price!


Technical Specifications of Electrolux Versatility EL8502D Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Electrolux Versatility EL8502D Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Electrolux Versatility Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner EL8502A
Type of vacuum Bagless Upright
Finish - Color Grey and Tangerine
Vacuum Cleaner hood material ABS Plastic
Power supply of vacuums 12 amps
Included Standard Floor tool(s) 13" Powerhead with motorized brush roll and edge cleaning
Included standard vacuum filter HEPA Filtration with Anti-Odor Filter
Included onboard tools Handheld turbo brush, crevice nozzle and dusting brush
Vacuum maneuverability Ergonomic handle grip and large easy roll wheels
Indicator lights on vacuum canister Carpets or barefloors (brush roll on/off)
Standard hose 12 ft. Super stretch hose
Vacuum wand 2 ft. Quick release telescopic wand with hidden storage
Power cord length 30 ft.
Vacuum Dimensions 44.75"H x 13.5"W x 12.5"L
Weight of vacuum 27 lbs.
Dust capacity 1.2 qts (4.8 cups)
Warranty 5-year limited warranty


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Overall Rating:

Written By: GoldstreamGuy (Fairbanks, AK)
I have used this product for: 1-2 years
Expertise: intermediate
This product is: a replacement for another, similar product
Decent Vacuum Date: November 08, 2011
Pros: met my expectations, easy to use
Cons: low quality
A decent choice for the money. Gets the carpet reasonably clean. After 1.5 years, I have a new beater bar on order as the original one seized. Also, it is really difficult to the really fine dust out ... (see entire review)
Overall Rating:

Written By: Drayph
Very nice! Date: July 11, 2010
Pros: high quality, effective, reliable, easy to use, met my expectations
Cons: a bit heavy (27 lbs)
I bought this for myself and tried it out only once. After I got started and finished, I found myself "looking" for more stuff to clean!!! It's a bit heavy, however not too heavy, but this is minor co... (see entire review)
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