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CX 3000 whole house air purifier

CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purification System

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CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purification System

CX 3000GS is a ducted air purifier with 4 stages of air cleaning and advanced service indicator lights. Works with existing HVAC system and affordable to own. Expert reviews and advice, Free Shipping, 30 day no hassle returns.

CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purification System
For up to 3000 sq. ft. Includes MERV-11 particle filter, reactive catalyst, 2 UVC lamps, negative ionizer and activated oxygen.

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CT AP 3000
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Filters and Accessories
CX 3000 Filter Replacement Kit
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Description of CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purifier

The improved second generation CX 3000GS ducted whole house air purifier offers an incomparable purification system that use advanced technologies to eliminate everything from allergens to pet dander and viruses and bacteria in the home. The CX 3000GS’s unique filtration system features Photo-Catalytic Titanium Oxidation, combined with high efficiency electrostatic MERV-11 particulate filtration, and germicidal ultraviolet lights, to quickly reduce and eliminate toxic gas phase chemicals, lung damaging dust, and airborne germs from the living environment.

Features of CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purifier

  • Recommended for up to 3000 square feet
  • Four stages of air cleaning:
    • Electrostatic MERV 11 Filter - removed allergens to 0.3 microns
    • Reactive Catalyst (Metal Oxides) - neutralizes VOCs, toxic chemicals and odors
    • UVC Light - renders germs, viruses and bacteria harmless
    • Negative ions and activated oxygen - keeps air fresh and clean
  • Works in conjunction with a home's HVAC system
  • Powdered coated Paint-Loc steel case
  • Rust-proof gold zinc plated pull out case
  • Cabinet locks
  • Quick disconnect power cord
  • Computerized service panel - shows filter and UVC bulb status

  • Second Generation Air Purification System: the CX3000 model has been upgrade from its original design to include:
    • New Electronic Ballasts: replaces the old magnetic version and eliminate the need for starters that may need to be replaced over time
    • New UVC Lamps: that are designed to work with the new electronic ballasts
    • More Efficient Design: reducing the product weight by 16 lbs and simplifies filter and lamps replacement
    • Advanced Filter System: MERV-11 Filter uses a new electrostatically charged, needled media design to provide higher efficiency on fine particulates with low air resistance.
    • Photo-Catalytic Oxidation: This air purification system uses a UV light to activate a highly reactive and patented catalyst, and destroy toxic compounds by converting them into harmless elements such as water and carbon dioxide. The Photo-Catalytic Oxidation eliminates the following:
      • Bacteria
      • Viruses
      • Alcohol
      • Ammonia
      • Paint solvents
      • Aerosols
      • VOCs
      • Cleaning Chemicals
      • Pesticides
      • Smog
      • Ozone
      • Carbon Monoxide
      • Tobacco Smoke
      • Hair Spray
      • Nitrous Oxide
      • Airborne Pollution

    • UV/C Filter Technology: Most air purifiers that have UV filters only filter out UVA and UVB light. But the CX 3000 air purifier has perfected UV light technology to also filter out UVC light, and the user is never in direct view of the UV/C bolt. The “C” wavelength in UV light is the most germicidal, ensuring pure air with practically every germ exterminated. UVC also helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases by killing bacteria and is cutting-edge technology that works.
    • Aluminum Grid: The CX 3000 grids are made from aluminum with titanium etched onto the grid, making it permanent. This never has to be replaced and won’t fall off as opposed to the cardboard grids. With the cardboard grid found in some competing air purifiers, the titanium is deactivated when humidity passes over it, making its germicidal capabilities limited due to the need to replace the grid periodically.

Particle filter efficiency graph

Air purifier parts diagram

How it Works:

The CX 3000 GS installs in the air-inlet side of any heating and air conditioning system, up to five tons in size. Operation of the air-handler fan is required for air purification and sterilization to take place.

Care of:

Designed for easy maintenance to permit peak performance at all times. The built-in electronic service lights indicate when to change filters and UV lamps.

The replacement of the UV lamp and filter takes less than 10 minutes.
Normal life span:

  • Filter – 6 months
  • UVC lamps – 1 year

Product Usage:

Many homes have programmable thermostats that allow for automatic operation of the air-handler fan unit when there is no demand for heating or air conditioning. It is important that the CX 3000GS operates at least 25 minutes per hour 24 hours per day to remove toxic materials from the indoor environment. To obtain maximum benefit from the CX 3000GS air purification system, it is recommended that the air-handler fan be set to run continuously.


Reports by Experts - CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purifier

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com


  • We applaud this whole house unit for its ability to efficiently improve the air quality over large areas providing relief from breathing related problems and reducing family sickness, not to mention it also eliminates household odors.
  • The CX 3000’s filtration technology is very impressive and is proven to kill a wide variety of the most irritating and dangerous indoor airborne toxins and allergens, bacteria and viruses.
  • This air purifier is silent – always a plus in our books.
  • We love how the unit is designed for easy maintenance - less then 10 minutes to replace the UVC lamps and filter. The built-in electronic service lights clearly indicate when to change filters and UVC lamps, so there is no guessing.
  • Affordable to run and requires low maintenance. The filter needs to be changed every 6 months and UVC lamps after 1 year.


  • Needs an HVAC system and ability to run fan periodically or continuously to work.
  • Requires professional installation.


The CX 3000GS whole house air purifier has an advanced filtration system that combines particle filtration with the neutralization of gases and chemicals, and renders germs, viruses and bacteria harmless. The MERV-11 particle filter uses a new electrostatically charged needled media design to increase its ability to capture fine particulates, while the Photo-catalytic oxidation and UVC light addresses the other pollutants. Install this air purifier into your existing HVAC system and set your fan to run continuously for 24hr air cleaning. If you are interested in installing a whole house air purifier that is affordable and easy to maintain this is a great choice. It will effectively provide hassle-free air purification for many years.


Technical Specifications of CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purifier

CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purification System
CX 3000 whole house air purifier
Square Foot Coverage Up to 3000 sq. ft.
Power Requirements AC 120V, 60 Hz, 1A
Energy Consumption 45 watts
Rated Air Flow of Fan 2,170 cfm
Decibels Silent - no fan
Dimensions 21" H x 25" W x 10.0" D
Weight 26 lbs.
Pre-filter No
Particle Filter MERV 11
Carbon Filter No
UV - Ultraviolet germicidal light Yes: (2) 22 watts per bulb; 254 NM (germicidal)
Warranty 2 years - excludes lamp and filters
Agency Approvals ETL listed in the USA and Canada


Filters & Accessories for CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purifier

CX 3000 Filter Replacement Kit CT AP 3000FLT  $279.00
CX 3000GS Filter Replacement Kit provides 1 year of filtration.
Includes: 2 Replacement Filters & 2 UV lamps.

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Out of Stock


Notes regarding CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purifier

Warranty: Limited 2 year warranty. This warranty provides for repair and replacement of any defective parts or components for two years from the date of purchase at no charge for labor or materials. Ultraviolet lamp and expendable filter cartridge media are consumables, therefore are exempt from this warranty. These purifiers are warranted for life, guaranteed so by the company itself.


CX 3000 whole house air purifier
CX 3000GS Whole House Air Purification System CT AP 3000  $1437.00
Whole house air purifier with MERV-11 Filter, photo-catalytic oxidation, 2 UVC lamps, negative ionizer and activated oxygen. Ducted. Covers up to 3,000 sq. ft.

Availability: Out of stock
Save $460!
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