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Crystal Ball Bath Water Filters

Bath dechlorinator that works!! Your skin can return to its natural organic balance. The bath ball 2000, which does not need any plumbing fixture attachment, is an entirely new concept in dechlorination of water in contained vessels. Perfect for Babies!

Crystal Ball Bath Water Dechlorinator
RM BT B2000
Ivory. Removes 90% of chlorine from bath water. Replace filter after 1 year. Details

Availability: In Stock. Ships Within 1 - 2 Business Days.

Description of Crystal Ball Water Filter 2000

Safe for babies, adults and pets, the bath water filter ball removes chlorine from the bath, resulting in healthier skin, improved lathering and sudsing, relief from dry itchy skin, less eye irritation and fewer asthma attacks. The water filter ball dechlorinates the water easily. Simply place the ball into the tub and pull it through the water a few times with its 18" attached string. Hang it to dry on a hook or fixture between uses. Replace filter just once a year.

Features of Crystal Ball Water Filter 2000

  • 90% or more of your chlorine is removed!
  • The media this US made product uses is an extra fine KDF filament. The 1 1/2 oz of filament provides an extremely large and highly efficient surface area for rapid dechlorination of water in bathtubs, pails, etc. and has a range of applications beyond bathtub use.
  • The Bath Ball also contains 1 oz. of high energy virgin American crystalline Quartz. Crystal has the effect of reducing surface tension of water and increases suds and lather.
  • The 18" chord is also useful to hang the ball on a hook or fixture to dry between uses. The Bath ball has a flat bottom so it can be placed on a flat surface without rolling. The Bath ball is not a toy and while it is completely safe and non-toxic we do not recommend using it as an infant or child's bath toy.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Benefits of chlorine free water:
    • Healthier, younger-looking skin.
    • Relief from dry, itchy skin.
    • Improved lathering and sudsing.
    • Safer for infants, adults and pets.
    • No skin and eye irritation.
    • Prevents asthma attacks.

How it Works:

When water comes in contact with the media filaments inside the fabric pouch, the chlorine ions in the water are converted into harmless zinc chloride. The toxic effects of chlorine, chloramine, and chlorine gas are eliminated with the aid of KDF Formula 73. More chlorine is removed faster if there is adequate circulation of the Crystal Ball in the water. The quartz crystals mixed with the media reduce the molecular structure of water into smaller clusters, thereby allowing enhanced sudsing and lathering of soap, and, the internal filter is replaceable!

Care of:

The unit should be kept as clean as possible to maintain a long filter life. After about 12 months usage we suggest replacing the filter pouch that came with the ball by unsnapping the plastic housing, removing the old filter and replacing it with a fresh one.

Product Usage:

This bath ball dechlorinates the water by placing it into the tub and pulling through the water a few times with the use of an 18" lanyard attached to the top of the crystal bath ball water filter.


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Accessories for Crystal Ball Water Filter 2000

Crystal Ball Bath Water Filter Replacement
Crystal Ball Bath Replacement Filter
Includes 1 filter bag replacement. Ivory color.

Availability: In Stock. Ships Within 1 - 2 Business Days.
RM BT RB2000